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  1. Hey ladies I thought I'd give the Adelaide girls an update. I went to see Dr Kollias a few weeks back and I decided to book my surgery with him. he was nice and easy to get alone with. He made me feel comfortable and I love his before\after work. Booking my surgery date today
  2. @boobalicious_melb thank you I've just sent through a friend request. @Kannc & @Sarinka I've also added you girls. Thank you to everyone for sharing your results and helping out, much appreciated xxx
  3. Oh really that sucks. Yeah I guess it really does come down to what is best for you cause everyone is different. But glad you like them now. I had a look at your progress pictures, your results look fantastic. I've checked out a few albums from girls that have had them over and it's making me feel a lot more confident about it.
  4. I really just want them to look natural. I dont want them to sit too high, or to come out too much on the side (which is only a problem if they are too big) im 164cm, 54kg and I'm a 10B at the moment. I I have seen two surgeons, the first one told me to go under the muscle and with 325cc, however the surgeon I saw today told me to go over (Subfacial and he recommended 345cc because I was scared that 325 was just a little too small. i do have a bit of breast tissue at the moment but my breats naturally come out to the side a little.. So the surgeons today suggested overs for that reason, he said it will create more cleavage, whereas if I go over there could be quiet a big gap in the middle. It so hard to decide these things. I've been doing reserach in to my BA for ovet a year now and I still haven't decided what I want hahah. But I trust that which ever surgeon I end up going with knows what they are doing and will give me the results I'm hoping for so fingers crossed!!!
  5. Thanks for your reply girls! I haven't even heard for Subfacial before but I did some research online and I've seen some great results. JJ I will check her results thanks Hun! Katewell yes that if over the muscle which is the part im nervous about because most of the "over" results I have seen I don't really like, wasnt really the look I was going for. My surgeon showed me of his before and after photos though which were amazing and he assured me that as long as it's done properly (over the muscle) it will give me the results I want. heather86 I just send you a friend request. Thanks for offering to share your results xx
  6. Hi Ladies Ive just had my second consultation for a BA and the surgeon has recommended Subfacial placement of the implant. Has anyone had their BA done with the Subfacial placement? And would you mind sharing before and after photos, would be much appreciated
  7. Hi Rachel Thank you for your reply. Glad you had a great experience with them. It sounds like they are pretty good I like that they are plastic surgeons and that the surgery is done under GA. the only thing that I don't really like is they don't have any info about who their surgeons are on their website and I've seen some girls comment on the form and and say that you don't know who your Surgeon is until the day of your surgery? I find that a bit strange. Was that the case or you?
  8. Hi girls has anyone had a BA done with CosMediTour? Do you mind sharing your overall experience with them?
  9. Hi girls. Thank you all for your reply. It's quiet hard to find anything about him as there isn't much online. L sorry to hear about what happend I hope it all works out for you Hun. Molly if you could keep us posted on your experience with him that would be amazing. Also do you mind me asking how much he quoted you?
  10. Adelaide ladies, has anyone had a BA by Dr. Kollias? Would you mind sharing experience, price and before and after photos? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot about him online
  11. hi cheetah thanks for your reply i will definitely check out some of the other posts. It's so hard to decide though because Adelaide is quiet expensive for surgery but i would definitely prefer to have the proseidure done here providing I find a good surgeon at a reasonable price. Rattlie That's really good glad it all went well. Yeah I'm exactly the same Im scared about travelling straight after the surgery and I'm also scared about something going wrong and then me having to travel back and forth! So I would prefer Adelaide for sure. Thanks for for sharing your experience
  12. hi babe thanks for your reply. Yeah I've heard he is a great surgeon but that was definitely way to much for me. I have checked out APSA but they are also quiet pricey in comparison to interstate prices. Hope your surgery went well though
  13. Hi ladies. Im doing some research in to breast implants and I'm just torn between having them done in Adelaide(where I live) or interstate. I've seen Dr. Richard Hamilton at Hamilton House but his $14500 price tag was just to much for me. Has anyone had a BA done in Adelaide for $10k or under? If so would you mind sharing your experience Also I would love to hear about results, prices, experiences from any interstate girls.
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