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  1. Blocked nose, sore throat the works... I've had a pretty easy recovery in terms on minimal pain, but coughing is just agony. Is this going to make my recovery longer? I took two and a half weeks off but I'm worried that this is going to set me back. I haven't taken any cold medicine but I will be asking my surgeon about it tomorrow at the one week check-up in case it affects the medication im on a the movement Did anyone else get a cold during their early recovery and how did it affect you?
  2. My BA is booked in for November and I cannot wait! Just finalizing my annual leave and not sure how long to take off... I'm thinking two weeks but there are some physical requirements as par of my job - moving stock boxes, lifting vacuums up and down for demonstrations etc (these are around 6-7kgs) I can keep these to a relative minimum but I will be on my feet all day. How long did everyone else wait until getting back to work?
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