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  1. Hi Jodie, Dr Choy was my surgeon for my BA 2 years ago. I knew I was in good hands, and am so very happy with my results! If you have any questions let me know
  2. Not a strange question at all. It is good that you are thinking deeply about your decision. There is no 'type' of girl that gets a BA, everyone is different and gets it for different reasons. My surgery is booked for September. I like to wear casual wear as well as dress up. One of the things I've always hated is being flat in jumpers, I'm petite which makes me feel like a kid when I wear one. So I look forward to having boobage in jumpers. Getting a BA may give you a little more oomph in your trackies I have also struggled to come to terms with what other people think, but at the end of the day I looked in the mirror and decided I want this. Filter out what others think and focus on what you want. Wishing you all the best for your journey.
  3. Hi Maisie, I'm glad that you're happy with your results! Thanks for the input, every bit of information I can get is helpful! Kannc, I still can't see your photos for some reason. Silly question but do you just wear 2 bras when running/gymming, otherwise in your day to day life just 1? I never thought of double bra-ing when exercising - good idea! Hi mycosmeticjourney, yes I have heard that rounds can give a natural look and also that anatomicals can give a full look. I guess it all depends on our anatomy and/or what bra we wear. Also girls, I am curious - what size cup did you start with and how many cc's took you to your current cup size?
  4. Hi Kannc, thanks for your reply! I'm starting to lean more towards round overs as they will have a nice full look and also have a more "squishy" feeling than anatomicals. Just curious, can you feel where the implant ends? Also do you go to the gym a lot? I'm a bit worried if I do a lot of cardio I'll lose breast tissue to mask the implant. I don't think I'll lose that much though hopefully. I'm not trying to lose weight, just get a little bit toned.
  5. Hi everyone, My plastic surgeon has narrowed down my options to either dual plane anatomicals (195cc-255cc) or subglandular rounds (200-250cc). Initially I came in with the thought that I want more upper pole fullness, so subglandular rounds were recommended. My PS said I have just enough tissue in the pinch test of 2.5cm, However I started panicking and thinking I should go under the muscle for a more natural slope, so I was recommended anatomicals if I was to go under the muscle, due to my existing A cup breast tissue. My plastic surgeon feels that rounds dual plane will create too much of a bubble on top, with my current anatomy, so this has been ruled out. I like the dual plane anatomical approach for a more gentle slope, but am worried about the firmness of the implants. I would also consider the subglandular rounds approach because it is softer, but I'm worried that being subglandular, my PS said there may be a slight bump on the edge/slope and not look as natural. Which do you think is the better option?
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