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  1. Any surgeons in particular that you think are great in Perth? (sorry if this gets asked all the time, only just started researching) Is that normal for the surgeons to not show you pictures of their work? I'd be a bit worried going under the knife with that at the back of my mind
  2. Hey girls! I've finally made the decision that I want new boobies. I've been saving up for a loooong time now and I've got $10k put aside. Now, the question it, would it be worth spending that here in Perth or as I gather there's better value over east? I know a fair few people travel over east or even to aisa (would prefer to stay in AUS), how do you guys manage consultations etc? Do you have to fly over for a consult prior to surgery or do you get it all done in one trip? Feeling comfortable with my Dr is very important to me, and I like to sleep on things for a while before making decisio
  3. My friend who's already had surgery swears by Ewa Michalak. You might have to buy online though!
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