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  1. I had mine done with Dr Broadhurst and highly recommend him. I was told I was a borderline lift by another dr in a previous consult, but we went with a straight BA and I am rapt with my results. He is amazing!
  2. I am 3 weeks PO tomorrow. I had Dr Broadhurst and couldn't be happier. I had 330cc teardrop unders. My stats are 155cm tall (short) and 47kgs. I started with small B cup and early measurements are looking like I'll end up a D cup.
  3. I had both my kids by c section as well and was up and about the same day after both. This is a very different recovery because everything we do involves use of your arms and pecs. I had my BA 8 days ago (I had unders) and had to have my mum come and stay with me while my partner went to work the next day. My surgeon (and I'm sure almost all others) recommends a responsible adult is with you for the first 24 hours after surgery just in case. I was able to get up and walk around, but couldn't do much else. I could go to the toilet by myself so that wasn't a problem, but I have heard some girls can't do that. My recovery in the first week was great but I couldn't shower by myself the day after and have only just been able to do this properly the past two days due to limited arm movements. I couldn't wash my hair or brush it until day 6. We went out yesterday as we had a family tragedy that had us out all day and it took its toll on me just being in and out of the car. I'm not one who ever usually stops for anything but I spent most of today sleeping as a result. And I never sleep during the day. Pain meds and antibiotics are something else to consider and how you may react to them. It is definitely do able as a lot of girls do it on their own, but easier with help. Good luck with your upcoming surgery and subsequent recovery. It's hard, but so worth it.
  4. Day 8 for me today. I'm getting a lot of sharp pains and burning sensations too more so in my right than my left and my compression bra is killing me. I find that at least once a day I have to undo it to release the pressure on my boobs and incisions. The bruising is almost faded now. I know it's ridiculous to worry this early on but since day 3 I began to notice one side was slightly smaller than the other. At day 8 it is quite a visible difference. I have my first post op appointment tomorrow so will see what my ps says. I'm hoping it's just because they heal at different rates and may catch up and even out in the coming days and weeks, but it is getting more noticeable to me in the last 5 days. I have attached a pic so you know what I mean. My partner doesn't see much of a difference so he says but I know he's just trying to play it down because he knows I'm a worrier.
  5. 4dpo, off all pain meds. Went into work with my partner for a bit this morning (we work together) but got tired very quickly. Home now and resting before the kids come home from school. I still can't believe I did it. Does anyone else have that surreal feeling?
  6. Hello March Ladies. i hope you don't mind me posting in here but as I had mine done last (4:30pm) on Friday the 29th feb, I thought I'd pop in to wish you all luck with your upcoming surgeries. I'm po day 3 and had 330cc teardrop unders with Dr Broadhurst. Recovery so far has been a dream with no need for pain meds since yesterday. The most uncomfortable part is the bloating, pain from constipation, and period pain on top of it all. I'm starting to feel some sensations in my boobs like air bubbles. Hard to explain, but like if you were to put your hand on top of a fizzy drink iykwim. They change from one day to the next. Today my lefty is a bit bigger than my righty, but I'm not worried about that as I know it all takes time and they will heal at different rates. I have really scary looking bruising too down through my sternum, around the sides and bottom of each boob and on the sides of my ribs. It's black, but this morning I have noticed it fading just the slightest little bit. Also, someone mentioned giving up smoking on here and I have to admit that although I tried really hard all I managed to do was cut down. I am normally a 20 a day smoker and I had three the day of my surgery. (Too stressed and terrified). Post op is the danger time where one really needs to be smoke free and I have felt so defeated and ashamed at myself because I still haven't been able to stop completely. I've been averaging about 5 a day. I know what you must be thinking, but I already feel bad enough about it. I wanted to share in case I'm not alone in that struggle. I have my fist post op appt next tues. I have added some pics for those interested. First pic is day 1, second pic is day 2, third pic is day 3, and last one is before and after.
  7. Thanks for the reassurance Katemav26 and Pinkacrylic. I called the dr's office just to be safe and spoke to the nurse and she said it's quite common to get bruising through the sternum and at the sides. I wasn't overly panicking, just a bit cautious. Day 2 today and feeling great. Hardly had any pain meds and have been up and about a bit more. Considering I had unders I am quite surprised. Just had my 7yo son vacuuming and my 10yo daughter made me a cuppa tea so relaxing with that now waiting for hubby to get home. I am loving all this pampering
  8. Yep it is. I haven't seen anyone else bruise this bad. Should I be worried? It goes all around to my sides on my ribs as well and very swollen there.
  9. Hey ladies. Posted some before pics and day 2 po. Get a load of my bruising!! It's actually quite scary.
  10. Hi Ladies. Just an update on the lucky last Feb girl... i hope you are all recovering well. Those that have posted pics you all look amazing. I had my surgery yesterday. Was the last one for the day. I had 330cc teardrop unders with Dr B. So far the pain has been ok, they have me on tramadol and Panadol together. This morning I have only taken one tramadol as it kept me awake every three to 30 mins all through the night.
  11. I don't go in until Monday afternoon, but will be happy to share pics when I can
  12. Hi Ladies. I'm booked in with Dr Broadhurst on the 29th Feb. Not sure if I should join you in this group or the March one, but I will be checking on everyone's posts in the lead up to my surgery. Good luck to those who have just had theirs and for those yet to come. I just had my final consult and checked size again and am so excited I don't know how I can possibly wait.
  13. Good luck for tomorrow Milkers. I had my final consult today with Broadhurst. Cannot wait now! 18 more sleeps..
  14. Will do. I just had my last consult before surgery and I know I have made the right choice. My ps explained that it is usually easier to do a lift after the implants have gone in and have had time to settle and drop and the swelling to go down so they know for sure where the nipple should sit. Before implants it can be a bit of a guessing game to get the levels right as they don't know for sure how they will end up looking. And this way, I can avoid a scar that may not be necessary in the end. Only 18 days to go for me now. It's very exciting!
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