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  1. For some reason I am a cryer after ga. It didn't help that I didn't have my glasses one - once I had a cup of tea I was good.
  2. I had my surgery on 9/8 and went back to work today, it was ok, just tired. I work at a jail and some of the gates are very very heavy. I felt pain opening one of the gates so I had my friend do it for me after that. I think its going to be a long week. I have a lot of data entry to do and found that the dominant side was definitely the side which was the most uncomfortable, but it has been like this all weekend.
  3. I had mine 9/8 with Dr Norris - he is wonderful. I am going back to work on Monday. I had my follow up with him on Tuesday and all is well. I have been feeling pretty good. This morning the left one is sore - I'm hoping this is normal. Not sore on the skin, more muscle sore - did you feel like this.
  4. There was a section on my hospital form asking if i had a tattoo in the last 6 months
  5. Hi, it went really well. For some reason anesthetic makes me cry but once that was over I was all good. Because my surgery happened so quick i didn't have my 2nd consultation and wasnt aware that i had to provide the post op bra but he strapped me up which was fine. I ended up with 400 (i think) my post op bra is a d cup. When all my strapping was removed a week later i had a shower and got to see them for the first time - i got the giggles. Very happy. My 22 yr old daughter was amazing- she took me there, i slept in her bed so hubby wouldn't accidentally bump me in the night and she came home every lunch time to make me lunch. I am very grateful.
  6. Trish

    Thank you

    I feel quite good. Going back to work Monday. Have appointment this afternoon with Dr, hopefully he will say I don't have to wear the strap anymore, makes it awkward as you can see it with my tops. How are you feeling.
  7. I had my breast augmentation on 9 Aug and has to say this forum has been wonderful. Thank you to all the ladies who have shared their experiences. I would read these on a daily basis and would see that my healing time and feelings were right on track. Its great to see all the questions and answers. Thank you everyone.
  8. I just took the 320 back and and got a 370 to try - i like the 370, i didnt want to be disappointed. I am having surgery on Tuesday ?
  9. Did anyone change their mind on the size the day of the surgery - mine is the 9/8 thinking of going a little bigger - next size up
  10. I told my boss yesterday that I have a consultation at the end of the month - the reply was- you are 40, why would you do that, ouch stitches, bruising pain, what next nose job, ears pinned back, whos going to cover you...... mind you I have 300 hours of sick leave.....
  11. How long did everyone have to wait from consultation to surgery
  12. Hi I have a consultation with him the end of July - how soon was your surgery after your first consultation
  13. I have a consultation with Dr Norris in July - were you happy? How long after consultation was your date? Also if you don't mind me asking what was the cost?
  14. Hi ladies, i have a consultation with Dr Norris in a month and I am a smoker - will he still do the surgery?
  15. Trish

    Dr Norris

    How long did everyone have to wait for an appointment at Bella Vista and then for surgery?
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