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  1. Just take the cert to your gp and they should be able to issue one their name.?
  2. Hey lozza sorry for the delayed reply, for some reason the iPad wouldn't let me type anything!! Stupid computers! i would assume from that quote hospital fees are on top?? If that's the quote including hospital fees that's pretty good for a lift & implants. Up to you if a. The health insurance will cover, make sure you double check as I looked at moving health funds recently and one of the policies did not cover plastic surgery (that's why it was cheaper than what I'm paying!!) and b. If you can hold out another 12 months, I couldn't, wanted done there and then ?? love looking down my top and seeing boobs where they are supposed to be ?
  3. Hey Lozza!! you will love Dr Norris, I had a lift, implants & aerola reduction the total including anethetist was around 12.5k and I'm in a private health fund, after Medicare & private health fund I ended up getting back 3k, so I was out of pocket 9.5k, my private health fund paid for the hospital portion which probably would have been around 3.5k I think. I have been in a health fund for many years so I thought it was about time I got some use out of it!! i don't know what grade tuberous I was, never thought to ask ? I don't think it makes a difference claim wise.... i will let you know, don't count on the Medicare rebate quickly mine took ages to come through, but that could have been because it was close to Xmas. love the job he's done, good luck with your researching!!
  4. Hey Alaskansky, glad everything went well, was thinking about you!! he has done a great job! im just over 7 weeks post op & went back to see him last week & he was still fantastic! hope the rest of your recovery goes well
  5. Good luck you will be fine, it's just pre op nerves just remember why you booked with him! i was pretty lucky that with all the things I had done my recovery was pretty good.
  6. I know what you mean I did the same thing before my surgery too! But I thought I met with him twice, the second time was after I had booked and paid my deposit and he was still the same answered my million more questions I had for him! He has been great post op also, I go back to see him for a 3rd follow up in a week and a half. are you having just a ba with him?
  7. hey alaskansky! i had my surgery with him on the 27th November, I was tuberous so I had bl, Ba & ar. Very happy with my results. have you met with him yet?
  8. I saw those reviews also before my surgery the good and bad ones, but the bad ones were from a couple of years ago. my gp's recommendations were either Dr Norris or Dr Tavakoli, I didn't see dr t at all, saw another ps after meeting dr Norris just incase but after I saw the other ps I rang & booked with dr Norris straight away. My advice is just go with your gut feeling, I'm happy I did!! ?
  9. I had never heard of him either but my gp recommended him, so I thought I would suss him out and felt comfortable straight away! i didn't stay overnight in the hospital although the choice was there, I saw him at 5 days post op, then again 2 weeks later and I am due to see him again on the 13th of jan (he is away until the 11th). I am 5 weeks post op today actually!
  10. Hi Lana777, you could try Dr Benjamin Norris I had tuberous breast correction which included bl, Ba & ar had my surgery 27th September he used round high profile implants on me, I couldn't be happier with the results! All up it cost me around 11,500 including the anethetist fees, I also got a rebate back from Medicare & my private health fund so it only up costing me around $9k. good luck with your search!!
  11. Hey Katewell my side boob is pissing me off severely too!! im hoping it's just swelling (only 7 days Po) and it will go down! my right side is more than the other too! i shouldn't complain, going from what I had to now!! ? but I feel your pain or discomfort should I say
  12. Good luck for tomorrow @overthinkingit cant believe I'm in on Friday!! Not really freaking out yet! Think it will hit me tomorrow when I get the call with my admission time!
  13. Congrats countrygirl!! They look great! goodluck with your trip home tomorrow!
  14. Hope everything went well countrygirl!!! yay for new boobs!
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