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  1. I'm in the same boat, I'm looking at the breast institute in Brisbane, cosmeditours in Queensland and esteem cosmetics in Brisbane, their all about the same price as TCI but they are plastic surgeons not cosmetic surgeons, dnt know too much about them yet tho.
  2. Is that including cosmeditours that won't do nxt day surgery? I'm interstate so I'm relying on being able to do nxt day surgery!
  3. Following, I've just started looking into the breast institute, can you choose what surgeon you want? And any girls international? Wondering if they do hotel deals or anything as I'll be coming from the N.T..
  4. Ide probably do the same carly! I wouldn't want to risk it! are you still planning on doing it in November elsewhere? Let us know how you go if you decide to go through CosMediTour.
  5. thanks heaps donatella, I wasn't aware of that one ? I'll definitely be looking into them as a option!
  6. yer I've just discovered them, thanks for the heads up ? I'm so relieved their is another affordable option and I would feel much more comfortable with a plastic surgeon. I think tci is out of the question now!
  7. I'm in palmerston, I've only been here a few yrs tho so I only know a small group of ppl, are you born n bred in Darwin? God it will take me forever to save that much but I agree it think it would be worth it, I highly doubt I'll go through TCI now which is such a shame ? that's so good they are still checking on you and you got the perfect outcome that you wanted! That's all im hoping for! Guess I should start increasing my savings!
  8. Hi everone I was planning on going thru TCI for a BA but after the latest patient being rushed to hospital I am reconsidering and have come across CosMediTour in Queensland who do Boob jobs for a similar price but are plastic surgeons, not cosmetic surgeons. They have a $5,880 deal but only seem to offer one kind of implant and it has to be under 400cc, Just wondering if anyone could recommend them or been through them?
  9. I wonder if we'll find out what doctor was involved in the latest incident, definitely makes me reconsider going thru TCI now after the latest information has come to light about them not following conduct, there's a place in Queensland that do BA for a similar price but they are plastic surgeons rather then just cosmetic surgeons, apparently anyone straight out of medical school can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon ?
  10. I am mudcrab, but I was planning on flying to Sydney and going through TCI, I'm reconsidering that now tho, I think ide rather a plastic surgeon then a cosmetic surgeon, the only reason I was going through them tho is becoz their so affordable, I would also rather do it in perth since that's where I'll end up living again, can i ask, roughly what did u pay all up?
  11. That's scary! I think if they had a adverse reaction to the anaesthetics then this could of happened no matter where they went right? Maybe it's more to do with the patient then anything TCI did? I'm hoping that's the case anyway since I plan to go thru them ?
  12. that's good to know, I'm up in the NT but it's expensive up here, I'll be back in perth before my BA so I'll definitely check them out, thanks boobiejourney. Damn! ive heard there are heat pads that you can stick to yourself so I'll have to find some of those then! I really hope I'm one of them girls that recover easily with minimal pain?!! I'm abit of a wuss though haha
  13. I'm in the same boat, with a 6mnth old & a 2yr old, my mum's going to come up & look after the kids while I fly to Sydney for my BA, so I'm hoping she'll stay a extra wk or two bcoz I dnt know how I would go having to pick up the kids? Do you have anyone that can come & help?
  14. I will definitely check first, I would probably get natural ones with chamomile & passionflower ect to help naturally relax but I know herbs can interact with meds too so I'll definitely check that it's safe first! By the sounds of it the pain meds that make you drowsy might even be enough without sleeping aids so I'll see how I go. God it sounds so scary and painful!!!!completely worth it though hey? Can u have baths this early to help with the back pain?
  15. I'm definitely planning to get some sleeping tablets too, hopefully I can just sleep through the first couple of days! Where do you get the post op bras from?
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