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    Dr Phil Richardson, 11 September 2015
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  1. This whole thread makes me laugh! Men are defintely more desperate then girls these days.... "hey" "why didn't you message me back" "are they real?" "can i suck them" (modern dating circa 2016) I have a strict process i go through now - more on tinder and pof but i get annoyed after a day and delete. I am 34 and going for the 28yr olds now days (and getting that interest). They are much less scarred or have issues and they actually have more respect..... plus the extra stamina and drive Still get the odd stalker, douchebag....
  2. I'm similar stats to you @Sarahsnewboobs (175cm and 85kg) and got my surgery same month as you - I went 430cc Mod profiles and now wish i had pushed the limits going bigger and considering a revision. I personally would go with what @LaurenT and go the 800cc so you have no further regrets....what's an extra 300cc You seem like you would have the height and frame for it and would really suit you and look fab!! Please let us know how you go!!
  3. Looking great girls!! I had same from Dr Richardson @brisgirl81 and 10 mths on mine look real with minimal scaring and I had 430cc implant so close to yours best of luck with recovery!!
  4. I went with Dr Richardson and after 10mths post op can't fault his results and his staff are lovely! I got 430cc anatomical dual planes plus a lift and was about $14k in total
  5. I have implanon and started with no periods for first few months and then took some supplements for my metabolism and this through out my estrogen so i got light periods occassionally. Otherwise it cleared up my skin and go not weight gain or moods. I think it helped me but i was a rare case prior to implanon and the pill really hates me....good thing with implanon is if doesn't work for you can get removed easily. Mirena is also good
  6. Don't compare yourself by weight!! I'm an 80kg plus girl size 14 but that doesn't matter when you get new boobs! they do the opposite and help balance out! Do what makes you feel better and don't compare to others - you will be beautiful no matter what size implants you go! Best of luck
  7. yay you have had them done ms tinylittlekitty! looking forward to hearing your updates - hope you are happy with Dr R's work so far
  8. You were never a sook Maisie! Stronger than most of us and went through more than most of us! You now look amazing - it's all worth it! I'm glad you now know all the details why to help you feel better!! It's great that you are sharing everything to help others as well - surgery is always a individual case by case basis and we need to share and experience it together so we can help each other as much as we can Big hugs x
  9. Hi Emi! welcome to the site both are great surgeons - I would do a consult with both and go with who you are most comfortable with. I got a BA and BL with Dr Richardson 2 months ago and couldn't fault the work and wanted someone that A. had great evidence of work B. qualified PS and C. great service (his staff also fantastic...good luck with your choice and make sure you take a list of questions! I also work in corporate office with alot of politicians and no one has noticed (that I have noticed) but I am also wearing corporate attire. I thought they would be huge and stick out but in reality you can still fit your normal clothes just slightly fill them better - i'm sure you will be fine!!
  10. I got a BA and BL and total including anesthetist ($2k) hospital ($3K) was $13,500
  11. I went Dr Richardson but went unders. I did ask him based on my measurements and pre op boobs if would go overs but as I was getting a lift with BA and already had decent cup size prior he didn't suggest overs for me as it would add eventually sag over time with my skin and would need another lift. Everyone is different though and this was based on my body...his work is great and guessing that applies to unders as well as overs
  12. I went Dr Richardson and 7 weeks post op for lift and BA and his work was amazing and no issues so far....good to consult with both and go with who you are most comfortable with
  13. mine is over 30 and never an issue but I didn't go with TCI, went directly with PS and no issues
  14. my trainer (who also has hers done) got me doing on monday - just over 6 weeks post op...on knees and not all the way down with a medicine ball....actually not too bad just awkward...its the pushing up that is weird....don't go too far and if after one doesn't feel right then stop....
  15. i was one of the lucky ones and was up walking (slowly) down to beach day after surgery....then after coffee I would nap....then do incidential things around the house. Everyone is different - just listen to your body and rest if you need to. I wish i had more now (has had a good excuse to do nothing). Take it easy and best of luck with recovery...
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