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  1. Awwwwww thank you!! Thats so nice of you to say ?. I much prefer how they look without clothes, Ive found this boobjob so much more a mental readjustment of body image more than just a physical transformation - and I go through points of frustration where Im not sure how to dress myself anymore (is this too revealing? Am i showing too much? Do my shoulders look too broad etc etc) and times when I adore them. Its a roller coaster, but everytime I think I feel a twinge of regret, I look at my preop photo and I just KNOW I've made the right choice with going ahead ?. All the best with your journey!
  2. I love seeing everyone's progress on here! Technically I guess mine haven't gotten to the time frame where they would've fluffed much at all but I'll keep this here so that I can keep tabs on my own progress as the weeks and months tick by.... The one with the apple nipple covers was day 1 PO and the one with the chipmunk covers are 4 weeks PO (today!). Although the size looks bigger in the chipmunk image, my bust circumference has actually decreased by 6.5cms from day 1! Isn't that crazy! It's just all the swelling near the collarbones which make my boobs look smaller in the immediate post op period....
  3. I wouldve thought mersyndol is also paracetamol? Mersyndol forte is paracetamol with codeine as well which would be the same active ingredients as panadiene forte... maybe itll be better to get some over the counter anti nausea medications or if you have access to a GP easily you could get some prescription anti nauseants
  4. Hi emzy, im so sorry to hear about this and i hope everything goes okay - benign breast lumps are far more common than malignant ones so whilst it is very understandable to be concerned ill just like to reassure you that probability is in your favour - hopefully the investigations will show that! To those who are wondering, i work in the health field and as a professional i know that breast lumps can most certainly still be detected with implants in situ; the only difference being that it may make it more difficult to say with certainty there are no abnormalities, as far as im aware, some mammography machines are suited for breasts with implants, if you live in a region where this is not available to you the ultrasound is the next step to go. Mammography is a population based screening tool, whereas the ultrasound and fine needle aspirate/core biopsy is a diagnostic tool :). Hope that helps - speaking to a breast specialist before she simply recommended that having implants situated submuscular or partially submuscular (dual plane) is "safer" than subglandular (overs) with regards to reducing risk of implant puncture during biopsy, however that is NOT to say that fine needle aspirate/core biopsy is a particularly dangerous procedure, in fact it is very safe :). Hope that helps and reassures.
  5. elle_cee that is soooo cute of your child!! It gets better I promise! ? day 1 and 2 were by farrrr my worst days
  6. Thanks @WhingingPom ill be on the look out otherwise my standard PO appt in 4 days
  7. Thank you @jdm!! Im deciding to sit on it, if it gets worse during the day or im getting pain or bruising or asymmetry ill give them a call but for now fingers crossed
  8. Thanks Katewell, no change in pain, if anything i hadnt needed to take anything for pain relief today which is an improvement on 36 hours ago... and no changes in colour or bruising, i feel like i can see more lower pole (even if its just the smallest amount) on my left boob than my right but wasnt sure if thats just because theyre dropping at different rates and maybe just feeling that fluid shift is making me paranoid. But you know as they all say ahaha, i have been paying much more attn to my breasts than i did a week ago... so maybe im just overreacting ...
  9. Hi everyone So im POD5 today and since day 1 ive had a sensation of fluid moving especially on my left side especially when I move upright from sitting back.. and today i feel some kind of crunching (?) when i move my arms??? I cant really describe it terribly well and i cant see a huge amount of asymmetry between them but im concerned the fluid i feel could be a seroma? Anyone had similar concerns and called their surgeon and just been told its normal?? Ill attach some photos of POD1 vs POD5.
  10. I feel you Katewell! Maybe its just way too early post op for me, only POD5, but i feel a little unsure of myself, havent felt the super excitement i thought id feel... but im hoping itll get better!
  11. thanks MrsO!! Are you excited?! Coping with the nerves okay???
  12. i had allll of these concerns hahaha! At the end of the day though i think if im patient enough ill hopefully be able to do everything i did preop with very minimal limitations, as for size, i trusted my surgeon and i hope itll be the outcome im after :). Have you picked a size or know what kind of look youre going for? thank you!! Cant wait for the D&F. Hoping i get some cleavage keep me updated with your progress! cant wait to hear about when you start to properly d&f! Have you had much change since your op yet? Haha since yesterday arvo and this morning, i have been feeling pretty horrible - i can feel my implants move down when i sit up etc and its putting pressure on my incisions i think and that huuuurts - i wonder if anyone else here felt that? I think ive moved pretty much all my water weight, im about 500g over my preop weight including adjusting for the implants so i managed to get rid of 2.5kgs of water in 2 days which is good but i still havent been able to open my bowels (sorry if TMI). Ive taken coloxyl and senna without much effect yet but apparently with GA and the medications ive been prescribed it can take up to a week for the bowel motions to go back to normal.... implants still quite hard at the top, they feel softer at the bottom but im not brave enough to poke and prod them too much yet. Ill take more photos and upload them when im not feeling too ill :).
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