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  1. I went with dr Kailis am 13 months post op and couldn't be happier. Total cost was $8000
  2. I was really happy with him. He has been operating in Perth for 30 years. He is to the point, the consultations did not drag on, however I never felt rushed. He answered all the questions I had and was very knowledgable/informative. I had 2 consults before surgery, the second one was to give me a better idea of size. I brought a few different tops (exercise, casual) just to see what the different sizes would look like. On the day of surgery he was really welcoming, relaxed and casual, chatted to me to calm my nerves and was on time. Follow up appts all went well and I would definitely go back to him in the future!
  3. I had a standard BA with him in August of last year and am really happy. If you have any specific questions I'm happy to answer. I'm pretty sure his title is FRACS now but I could be wrong
  4. Dr. Kailis Bodyworx west Perth. very reasonably priced i am 10 months post op and very happy!!
  5. Dr. Kailis Bodyworx west perth $8000 for surgery, $200 for initial consult (all follow ups complimentary) subi private hospital general anaesthetic 10 months post op could not be happier!
  6. Hi, Dr.Kailis is great. He knows his stuff, it's to the point, and made the whole process very comfortable for me. I am so pleased with my results, honestly couldn't have asked for better, and at $8k it is so worth it. Good luck!
  7. have sent you a pm but forgot details. Pre op I was a small 10B. I had 505cc HP under the muscle under boob and am now a 10e-10ff depending on the fit of the bra
  8. Dr.Kailis (FRACS) at bodyworx in westperth did my surgery in August. I had it done very quickly from my initial appointment as he had a cancellation, and I am very pleased with my results. It came to a total of $8k. I know there are many great options in Perth, but he was great for me, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat
  9. I had surgery with Dr.kailis 6 months ago. No wrap and hosp gave me a maternity bra to wear home! Best to get a proper post op bra before hand. I was in hosp at 1030 surgery started at 12 woke up 130 and home around 3. Take the drugs as prescribed for the first few days, lots of water, and someone to help you out of bed on the first night. Enjoy!
  10. Happy Dr.kailis patient, highly recommend :)
  11. Have a look at dr.kailis at bodyworx in west Perth. I am 6 months post op and really happy. Total cost $8k ?
  12. I had a BA with dr. Kailis 5 months ago and very happy $8000 total, no complaints about the process. My consultation was moved earlier as there was a cancellation and they had a surgery date available 10 days later. He does BAs 1 Saturday each month
  13. just caught up with this convo, the pain you experienced when you sat up (sort of like someone is holding a red hot skewer to your incision?!?!) was the same I had for the first few days and it was awful!!!! I guess it has been just about a week since your op now so hopefully you're starting to feel a little more human!! For me the second week was 100%improvement from the first and the third week 100% improvement in that! By the start of week 4 I was pretty much right as rain. Hope it's all going well!! What size are you now?
  14. hello! Sorry for the late reply!! Only a few days to go now you must be excited!! I was fine sleeping on my back while on prescript meds but once off them is was a struggle as I'm a side/stomach sleeper. The boomerang pillow helped me. Just got a Kmart one I had surgery on the sat and drove for the first time on/first solo outting the Friday and regretted it. It was about a 20min drive to get my hair washed and dried and I felt awful by the time I had to drive home. I drive a manual, auto may have been easier. 5 min should hopefully be okay just give yourself 15 min rest when you get back home. My first 2 days were very painful and from there each day I felt a million times better than the day before. Let me know if any last minute questions. Good luck!!!
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