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  1. MaddiJay

    Dr **** reviews

    I am also in the process of looking for a PLASTIC surgeon for a revision after an initial surgery with him in September last year. He's tried to tell me that all the issues I have weren't his fault but that's pure BS. I'd love to be a part of anything that makes him accountable for what he's done to so many women.
  2. So I'm researching ps' for revision surgery and I came across Inspire Cosmetics. I spoke to a girl there and the surgeon who comes to Melbourne is Mark Kohout. I've looked him up and his reviews are brilliant but just wanted to know if anyone has been through the actual company and if so their feedback on them? Before I send them dollars to book my consult haha.
  3. MaddiJay

    Dr F**g new registration

    No he's in Melbourne this is is great news!
  4. MaddiJay

    1.5 years post op and unhappy :(

    Figure it was an expensive mistake - i better bloody learn from it!! Rahdon I have emailed already I have had a few friends go to Thailand and have been extremely happy.
  5. MaddiJay

    1.5 years post op and unhappy :(

    I have about 20 tabs open at the moment for different surgeons lol it's confusing! I may even look into Thailand again....I just know I need some advice and quickly!
  6. MaddiJay

    1.5 years post op and unhappy :(

    I'm definitely going to need a lift after this! I always planned to go to Thailand before hand but now I'm too scared lol. Who is Dr M?
  7. MaddiJay

    1.5 years post op and unhappy :(

    Perfect, thank you! I honestly think he knows he buggered up - I should never have been given such large implants. Booking a couple of consults to see what genuine PS's think!
  8. MaddiJay

    1.5 years post op and unhappy :(

    Same here! And that sounds exactly right! It was capped and I didn't pay the extra either.......In a perfect world he should be responsible for paying for revision surgery with another COMPETENT surgeon. I don't remember reading anything about who we could complain through - but as I said I was shown the forms right before heading into the theater and was kind of blind sided by them. I do remember thinking that if anything went wrong the the $30k should cover it. Pretty naive huh? I would love to know who to speak to about having him held accountable.
  9. MaddiJay

    1.5 years post op and unhappy :(

    I was black and blue for ages too!! And not just on the incision area - absolutely everywhere. It was terrible. And my recovery was horrible he wont send me copies of anything.
  10. MaddiJay

    1.5 years post op and unhappy :(

    I honestly believe he has no idea what he's doing. Just cuts people open and shoves in implants i hope they do run a story on him!! It needs to be well known that he is completely incompetent! Jade did he make you sign a form saying you wouldn't sue? Or limiting what you could sue for to a certain amount? And I think it also included not posting to social media etc. I couldn't care less tho. It's not slander if it's true! He pulled that on me on the morning of surgery right before I went in to theatre. I didn't get a chance to get a copy and then a month or 2 later when I asked for details regarding paperwork, receipts etc he brushed me off with excuses.
  11. MaddiJay

    Revision - Implants too heavy & rotated

    I'm so glad the reviews stay on realself. He gets his money then wipes his hands.
  12. MaddiJay

    Revision - Implants too heavy & rotated

    I feel that way too. He kept saying there was no way this could have been foreseen but I'm not buying it. It's his job to foresee these things! If he wasn't so blasé about it all I might feel a bit better, but he obviously doesn't care. Anyway - this time I will be going about things properly! $8,000 is a lot of money for me to throw away but I have to chalk it up as an expensive lesson. I just don't want other women to end up in the same boat as me.
  13. MaddiJay

    1.5 years post op and unhappy :(

    Omg he got me to pay cash too! Said he could do it less for cash (added the Keller funnel in for free)!!! Mine didn't end up being that cheap in the end - just over $8000 - but even $100 would have been over priced! i also have ZERO upper pole - my breast are far apart and my right implant is just floating around! When I came here before surgery there were hardly any bad reviews on him but I was warned. I chose not to listen I was also inundated with messages of praise for him from different accounts and was told by his nurse and him that women from other surgeons offices had a "vendetta" against him when I voiced my concerns. Something surely can be done about it?? He's been extremely busy the last few months (we'll end of last year anyway)
  14. MaddiJay

    Revision - Implants too heavy & rotated

    I guess I just feel like I let my family down....my partner and kids. By being selfish and spending so much money for nothing. Looks like most good surgeons are booked solid for a while! But as soon as I have some news I will update Thanks so much again ladies, I feel a little better - I'm not so worried about the implant just dropping out of my body 🙊
  15. MaddiJay

    Revision - Implants too heavy & rotated

    Thank you everyone. I'm really feeling embarrassed and ashamed to be honest. I feel like I should have seen this coming. I'm definitely keeping track of everything. I have email records etc. if I felt confident he could fix it I wouldn't think twice about going back to him but I don't want to throw away more money and possibly end up in a worse situation. So I'll definitely be having consults with other PS's before making any decisions. My last appointment with him that brought all the bad news really wasn't comforting. He wasn't very helpful and seemed to not really know what to do. I'm just so angry at myself for throwing away so much money. It's frustrating and infuriating that they can take ur money and leave you with a dodgy job.