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  1. Awesome I will have to give that a shot! Might wait a couple of weeks though, still have 3 weeks left of wirefree bras SO cannot wait to try them! Do you like the size you got?? I wish I could have gone a little bigger but overall I'm so happy I got what I had always wanted I haven't tried tooo many on yet, but when I tried some bikinis that were quite hard molded and had a bit of push up padding down the bottom, I found that my boobs didn't sit too well in them, they didn't naturally fall into the places they were meant to. They're still up quite high and still verrrry firm so I'm hoping that will change down the track. But if you previously had a B cup, your greater amount of natural breast tissue may help you out a bit more
  2. Y'know, I was happy going with a smaller implant (I was stressing hard about being too big) because I always knew I could just wear a push up/padded bra if I felt like I wanted them bigger. Now I have found out the hard way that this is easier said than done Nothing fits!! Such a disappointment Totally wish I had gone a little bigger now Bra shopping was something I was looking forward to so much too!! Thanks for the tip @KittenLover I also have Asos Premium so I might need to give that a shot too Did you buy multiple sizes of the one bra to get a good fitting one?
  3. No pain relief trust me I'm the biggest wuss especially with dentists and I was fine. I think more than anything the excitement overcomes the nerves a fair bit! It's just a little pressure but absolutely no pain at all. excitement is the greatest thing ever!!!
  4. I love how picking up our cats is a measurement of how we are coping with the restrictions hahaha @Cm45 I had unders! From what I've heard, overs is much easier!
  5. OK thanks I will try doing that For sure I'll give them a buzz Monday was just worried about doing the wrong thing!!
  6. Hey girls So I'm at the 3 week mark and have just removed my tapes. I have been advised to start massaging the incisions with vitamin E cream. They feel quite lumpy - I'm not sure if this is internal stitches or just scar tissue? It's also a little tender on one end of my right scar. How firm am I supposed to be when massaging? Firm like a proper massage? Or just enough to rub the cream in? I should have called my PS earlier, but now it's the weekend and I'm unsure. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
  7. I have an office job and took 2.5 weeks off. Even now at 3 weeks I need to be careful when driving, just taking it easy when going around corners because it can twing a bit of pain at times! I would be careful with too much lifting though. Even now it's a little uncomfortable at times lifting my cat - who is rather fat though haha. Are there other jobs you are able to do at work that don't include so much heavy lifting?
  8. I was offered both 225 and 255 and thought they were both going to be HUUUUGE! (This is coming from a girl who never had boobs and could barely fill an A cup) My PS ended up giving me the larger option - I actually preferred the smaller as I was so so scared! But he did this because the 225s would have left more of a gap and therefore would have looked bit more unnatural. I tried the rice sizers at home and wow they were huge compared to what I got!..that's if I was doing it right haha! Honestly, I wanted the smallest implants ever and very natural and unnoticeable, just like you. But 255 for me was just like I was wearing a padded bra, which I had been! So no one could even tell! Though I am still in my compression bra, so once I'm able to wear a real bra I can boost them up a bit more and finally have cleavage! Oh also the 255 was the biggest I was allowed
  9. I started basically flat and was given a choice of only 225 or 255. I was leaning more to the 225 as I was so scared to be too big. In the end my PS used the 255 to prevent a large gap. I'm happy with the size! I guess maybe i would be a large B otherwise small C, too early to tell. straight after the surgery I was freaking out at how huge they were. But now I'm used to them and under clothes it just looks like I have done in the past with ultra padded bras I don't think 295 will be too big, it's not a huge difference and you will always wonder what If.
  10. YES! For at least the first week I was constantly having to stop my partner and say 'can you actually believe I have finally done this?!?!' Feels so weird to be through though doesn't it!
  11. Awesome thanks heaps for the info! will definitely look into the massages and try a shoulder bag instead. I don't have any real pain, just my lower back at times though I think that may be unrelated. It's good to hear from someone who has sorted the issue out! Thanks!
  12. Please let me know if you find someone in Perth who works out well I have much the same problem as you. My posture wasn't the best pre op, but after surgery it was horrible!!! I'm only 2 weeks PO now, so still a little early to judge, but my posture still isn't great and I only have very minimal discomfort. Hoping it goes back to what it was pre surgery...but even then it wasn't the best! All the best!! x Hey Suki may I ask what type of massages you get to help fix your hunching? I have terrible posture but don't really know where to start to get help. Seems like you've fixed it so would be great to know how you did it!
  13. I got 255s under the muscle 2 weeks ago and personally I couldn't think of doing much exercise other than walking anytime soon! Any use of your chest muscles can be quite painful at times. But I'm sure after a month or 2 you'd be able to get back into it. I was an AA and not sure what I'll end up. Hoping for a full B, or even perhaps a small C. I was happy with a natural conservative look, anything was better than what I had before. I ended up getting the biggest I could fit. And so far I'm happy. If I ever feel I want bigger boobs, I can always just wear a push up or padded bra I put my trust in my surgeon and allowed him to make the decision for me according to what I had told him I was after and his professional opinion. I'm very happy so far. Definitely have faith in your surgeon, they know what they're doing
  14. Yes I hope so too!!! I don't think I could wait 2 ish months! Let us know how you go
  15. Oh no that's such a shame! Sorry to hear Though as has already been said, you're very lucky to be in good hands and able to have it fixed... Especially free of charge I haven't really noticed a drop in mine (though only 2 weeks out ) but I've got my fingers crossed sometime soon All the best in May!
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