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    Breast augmentation, 300cc round moderate plus under the muscle. Previously an A, will likely be a C.
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    Dr Sanguan, PIAC, 4 January 2016
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  1. @Dominique you look amazing!! And I'm planning very similar style/size but potentially under the muscle. Thanks for the details around the post op bra etc, I've been stressing because the one I ordered which looks good didn't arrive I've bought another one but it's not great. Will probably get another one at the hospital. thanks also for the packing tips will take another look in my bag, and I'll buy a flight pillow! Btw you look tan have you been able to sunbath at all? If so what kind of bikini have you used to cover the incisions? leaving today so excited!
  2. Wow they look absolutely fantastic! Can I ask what size and shape you got? Looking awesome for day 3!! Did you get anything to recover from the hospital beyond medication, such as ice packs, heat packs, etc? Im in the process of packing now. Any tips on what kind of clothes to bring? Hope you continue healing well!
  3. @Dominique that's what I did as well - I showed my bf some inspiration pics, mine are Elyse Knowles, Miranda Kerr, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and some random from Triangl - such a strange mix I know but I'm going for a natural, slightly 'droopy' look if that makes sense! Youve got a great packing list. Which bras have you got? I'm still waiting for my 1 bra to be delivered considering buying one from my agency so I've got a backup but it was so ugly! Thanks for the article I'll have a read! Other things I'm bringing except for the normal stuff is straws (to drink with), thank you card and timtams (in anticipation of the wonderful nurses), eye drops, bio oil, cleansing wipes, dettol, lozenges, teas (natural remedy for nausea), dry shampoo, then I have some button up comfy clothes. Which bathers did you bring? Are you anticipating to be able to wear them? I'd love to but not sure what size etc. But colouring book - what an awesome idea! Saw one in kikki k might snap it up - supposed to be great for relaxation right? @elise.parr Thank you for telling me I wouldn't mind seeing pictures I'll send you an FR! I'm so excited to have Dr Sanguan but not many seem to have had him. He was recommended to me for the look I'm going for woho hope you're healing well and that everything went well and that you enjoy your new assets FR coming now! Woho can't wait for boobies ladies I'm so excited!
  4. Getting close for us Dominique! My surgeon is Dr Sanguan. I have prepared packing list, printed inspiration photos, prepped questions for the Dr, and bought most of a recovery kit! Looking forward to start packing what are you brining with you?
  5. Hello! You must be very excited! I'm also travelling in January, will arrive the 3rd with surgery booked for 4th. But I won't be solo I'm going with my bf. Where are you staying?
  6. Leaving for Phuket on the 2 Jan so excited!
  7. Hi ladies! In the process of booking my BA in December with Dr Sanguan at PIAC, going through Somnio. Is anyone going on the group tour? Was originally going in October but found out today I'm anaemic after donating blood so will have to wait until December. Excited anyway!
  8. Hi everyone Booked in with Dr Sanguan at PIAC for the 11th of October! Super excited and slightly nervous, coming up so quickly!
  9. April6240, you should have a browse through realself.com (if you are familiar with this already please ignore), there is a lot of information about shape (round/teardrop), profile (low/med/medplus/high), and sizing. They have galleries of before and afters for different sizes to give you an idea, and plastic surgeons have responded to heaps of reader questions. I've also been researching for some time now to get familiar with terminology and options. Good luck :)
  10. littlepinkstars are you going with Somnio group tour? Looking to book with them right now but waiting to be cleared after donating blood recently!
  11. I'm looking at quite a few, Millennium, Patong Beach, Sea Sun Sands, Pago Design... So confusing and PIAC wasn't able to recommend a good one for recovery. Also interested in survival kit!
  12. That's so exciting AnitaPers! I'm also in the process of booking with PIAC. Where will you be staying?
  13. I am trying to get booked in for late December and will bring my boyfriend along. Happy to meet up :)
  14. Same here I'm only scheduled in for a consultation with Dr Chiu but am back considering PIAC in Thailand as they are plastic surgeons, not cosmetic, and administer GA not twilight sedation... But I am so unsure! Is your surgery scheduled at the institute or concord hospital?
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