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    16th Sept, Dr Southwell-Keeley
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  1. I'm in central Qld too and just loving the hot days again.... (can you hear my sarcasm?) I went back to the gym this week gone for the first time, PO Week 4 now. I did a lower body cardio workout one day and a half ass Zumba class another. I didn't want to push it as I've been working a bit lately and don't want to be overdoing anything while I'm still healing. My scar tape fell off this past week so I replaced it with some extra my PS gave me before I left Sydney. I emailed him this week to see if we can arrange a Skype appointment for my 6 week check up, I don't want to be going straight into 'normal' bras until I'm cleared for it. I was cleared to sleep without the PO bra from 4 weeks, so much relief! 6 weeks will be past before you know it!
  2. I was booked originally with TCI too and am very much like you 'spend a little more to get a little better.' I think my booking was a very spur of the moment thing as I felt like if I didn't book something I'd never get my BA done. After doing more research and the second incident happened at TCI I happily called an cancelled my booking. I had my flights booked already as well and did more research and found a wonderful PS in Sydney who managed to fit me in when I explained that I was already booked to come down and didn't want to go with TCI. I've had an amazing experience and while I'm only 12 DPO I already know my result is exactly what I wanted and I'm so happy I changed. Good luck to you Summer.daze, I hope you get the BA you want!
  3. Good luck for this morning!! 7 kids!! I know I'm milking the 'no lifting' for as long as I can with just 2 little ones! Coffee always makes me poo so have a big one!
  4. mine are numb just above the incision/below the nipple. Am 10 DPO and they're still numb but I'm not overly worried at this point. Hows everyones recovery going? Mine still feel like they're not part of 'me' just yet. I worked a stall at the local markets this morning and stood up all morning and am now exhausted ?
  5. Sch an interesting thread, I love reading about everyone! I'm in my early 30s and live in central Qld. Married for 8 years with two kids. I worked as a singing and piano teacher after finishing my BMus and have worked in radio and advertising. I'm currently a Thermomix consultant after doing the stay at home mum thing for a while, and am thinking about taking on a few students as my eldest started school this year. I've always known I'd get a BA, have never had more than an A cup and breastfeeding sucked the life out of them. I'm only 10 days PO and already loving my new shape!
  6. Had my follow up appt this morning and it's so nice to be told by my PS that I have perfect boobs! Lol! I've had such a great experience, am 6 days PO and have great mobility with my arms and have been off all pain meds for 2 days now. Finally got the strapping off today and can actually see the results and am so happy and excited for the whole D&F process to be completed. Flew home today and finally got show Hubby and (gently) hug my kids!
  7. congrats! Hope you're feeling okay so far! And congrats to all the other girls who've been this month so far. How's everyone's recovery going? I'm POD 3 and feeling really well. Dropped the heavy pain meds and am just on panadol and ibrufen when needed now. I'm strapped till Tuesday and itching to get them off and have a real look, but my implants haven't risen up as much as I'd expected too, so can see the benefit of strapping. Hope everyone's recovery is treating them well!
  8. Had my surgery yesterday afternoon. Everything went well! Apparently it took a bit longer than expected but went smoothly nonetheless. Waking from the general was so much better than I thought it'd be, I woke very clear headed and focused. Had a terrible sleep at home, this sleeping elevated thing isn't nice! Haven't seen much yet, I'm strapped for a whole week with the post op bra on top of the strapping. My husband was pushing me to go bigger but I'm so glad I stuck with the 300cc, I think it's perfect for my frame and size. Eagerly waiting for the swelling to go down!
  9. Had my consultation today, the PS is so nice and I feel so at ease with his care. Decided on round textured, 300cc, unders. Surgery is tomorrow at 1:30! ?? He's ordering both 300 and 350 incase I change my mind but I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with 300. Am aware of boob greed though and told him that so I think that's why he ordered both. Am so nervous for surgery!! Never had a GA before. Fingers crossed everything goes well. Good of luck to the others this week too!
  10. 2pm, but I've just been told me flight into Sydney is downgraded and pushed back so I won't land till 1:35 now!! Cutting it close!! ??
  11. A whole week!! ?? I read you're seeing Dr JSK on Tuesday, my consultation is that afternoon!
  12. My Op is there next week, good to see that the care there is good! Good luck to you too!!
  13. have you had your surgery yet Heather86? I have a big bum too, I can't wait to be even and not bottom heavy! ?
  14. Hey ladies, thought I'd join in more seeing as surgery is much closer now. I was originally booked into TCI but after a lot of concern from my family and doing some more research I decided to go elsewhere. I'm now booked into Dr Southwell-Keely through The Breast Clinic in Sydney. I'm from Qld so will be flying down for it. They were great in fitting me in at the last minute! I called and explained that I'd already booked flights and everything and the practice manager was so lovely. I've managed to get a consultation for next Tuesday afternoon after I land and surgery is next Wednesday afternoon. I'm only little (5ft 2 and 53kg) and hoping to go from an A to a D cup to even my body shape out. I have Alopecia Areata (an autoimmune hair-loss condition) and my confidence gets a battering from it so I'm taking control of the other areas of my body that can help with that. Looking forward to getting to know you all more!
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