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  1. Post op bra - I got mine from breast care as im in Perth but most girls get there's online. Baby wipes - but they help you shower anyway but they are good for when you are back to the hotel and can't shower for a few days. Easy tops to slip over for the first few days and to cover the bra but honestly you will love your results! I just came back and couldn't be happier - so happy I recovered over there too as I didn't have the urge to drive, cook meals or worry about anything! the nurses are amazing and do everything and help you do anything you can't :)
  2. tkw

    My BA

    thanks hun!! i think because I was still numb from anaesthic as today day 6 I am feeling very sore and sorry for myself! Spending the day in the hotel room with room service! Cant wait to get home to my own bed now :)
  3. tkw

    My BA

    Hi Cheetah, I am feeling so good day 5 post op and surprised how much I am doing and how good I feel. I just had my post op appointment with dr p he said everything is going well and my scars already look really good! My next follow up is Friday morning before I fly out friday night I am over the moon with my results and couldnt be happier with how my boobs look!
  4. tkw

    My BA

    So here is my story - all I wanted before I went was to read in depth stories and advise me so this may be quite long. Im currently two days post op - I flew into phuket on 7th of oct at 6pm from perth with my partner, headed straight to our hotel (Banthai Beach Resort - amazing) oh and to mention I booked through Restored Beauty Getaways as I had won a $450 booking voucher through them. We were so hungry so headed straight out for a meal and then for a full thai massage as I knew this would be my only one! It was amazing! By the time we walked around got back to hotel at 10pm so fairly early night ready to get up in the morning for my transfer to the hospital at 7am. The next morning came around quickly and surprisingly I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be I had been non stop researching for the past 2 months. Transfer was quick to the hospital from Patong as we picked up another lady on the way who I got chatting to and also put me at ease as she had already had surgery with Dr Piyapas. Registration went quick and the hospital is amazingly clean and organised. i then went up to the aesthetic centre where I first had my blood tests & BP. I then got taken for a heart test and chest X-ray. I also met another lady while doing this who had previously seen Dr Piyapas and also couldn't rave enough about him. We then filled out forms back at the aesthetic centre and waited for my turn to see Dr P. Must of been a 10 min wait then I went through I took my partner through with me as I wanted him to meet and have an opinion. it is very quick the consult with Dr P but very thorough I ended up deciding 275CC high profile mentor as he suggested or 300cc as I thought I should maybe have a bigger size. He was able to answer all my questions I had and put me at ease that I would be ok - I felt like I really knew him at this stage. He also has great English. i was then taken to make payment which was also super efficient I then got taken to my room I got upgraded to a presidential suite as I think my partner was with me. It was huge a hospital bed one side - and spare bed aswell as a kitchen and bathroom! I was told my surgery would be at 12pm and it was now around 9:45am - so we watched some tv and it's great because they have wifi so made the time go a little quicker, by this stage my nerves had kicked in! 12pm came around and they came to tell me surgery would be another hour! Ugh more waiting but I understood. Meanwhile they had taken my BP every hour and put my drip in which I didn't feel a thing and I hate needles. the nurses are lovely and so helpful except a bit of communication barrier but you get through. 1;15 came around and the wheelchair came for me to get on - at this stage I was very nervous and wondering what I was doing choosing elective surgery and pain! by 1:30pm I was in the operating theatre and they were setting everything up 5 mins later dr P came in asks how I am and I said to him please only 275cc after thought I didn't want to be 300cc only due to the fact that I am quite small and wanted a natural look. He held my hand then they put an "oxygen" mask on and I was out. Next thing I am waking up in the recovery room with a very very very tight chest and confused and dazing in and out. After eventually 45 mins (there was a clock next to me) it was 5pm and they took me back to my room. i was so excited to see my partner and pretty out of it still! At 7pm I properly woke up and tried to eat a banana and that didn't end well I ended up throwing up all over myself and my partner as he tried to get there in time. I think I was allergic to the Morphine they then swapped drug and I was ok. The Nurses changed my clothing and begging and bandages so this was the first reveal - I was inlove!! My boobs were very swollen and very sore once the bandage was removed but very happy just by looking down at them. i slept quite well that night with the nurses probably coming in about every 2 hours checking my BP and meds when needed. the next day Dr P came in about 7:30am saying everything went well in surgery and told me my size 275cc high profile mentor implants and gave me my card this was the worst part as he then took my drains out. It doesn't hurt as such but very uncomfortable I closed my eyes and it was all over within 5 seconds each size he is also very comforting! About 11am I was discharged after the nurses ran over my meds and told me my follow up appointment time. Which is Tuesday at 7:30. i haven't taken my bandages off again until then so that will be the time that I get to have a real look at them and start wearing my post op bra but everything so far I am so happy with! The the last two days have been so bearable today has been the best and I have been up and walking around and also on the moped to watch my partner train Muay thai! if I can answer anyone's questions im more than happy to as I wanted all the advice I could get before my surgery xx
  5. goodluck! Might see you at the hospital my surgery is 8th of oct / Thursday! Very nervous now but excited!
  6. Hi ladies. im abit late to this forum but goodluck to everyone having surgery this month. im booked in with Dr Piyapas for 8th of oct in thailand 7-16oct. i have been so excited these past couple of weeks and now with only a few days To go I'm finding myself questioning everything and feeling so nervous that I feel ill!
  7. Hi T-Starr im heading over this coming Wednesday and my surgery is on Thursday with dr Piyapas I will let you know how I go! I was in the same situation as you and was so unsure but I have read a lot of positive feedback for dr P!
  8. hi AnitaPers i am yet to have my surgery by Dr Piyapas on 8th oct at PIAC but I have had many many comments and reassurance that there work is amazing! I have done extensive research on both doctors and can't find negative reviews at all. Might see you there!
  9. thank you! Would you mind showing pictures? I've got an album that I want to show Dr P but I still don't have enough. I was thinking about getting a scar cream from here so thanks for clarifying that one! I will get one when I organise my post op bra. How did you go getting back to work? I fly back on Friday and due to start back at work the following tuesday and I am in thailand for a total of 9 days after surgery. i work in an office so I don't need to do too much lifting etc.
  10. Hi, could you expand more on info regarding dental treatment after BA I'm heading to thailand in less than a month but I currently have braces on my teeth and then will need lots of follow up appointments after this once I'm back in Perth, I have never heard of this so it's good to know if you have any more info, thanks!
  11. Hi girls, I'm booked in to see Dr P in early October and I'm getting super nervous, but also so excited. I'm travelling with my partner but just wondering if I could have as much info on what essentials I need to pack other than compression bra. Ive done my extensive research on Dr P and he sounds amazing but if anyone has any extra feedback that would be great I'm also getting nervous regarding choosing size im quite small built 48kg 152cm so I'm only looking around 300CC but don't want to regret my decision as everyone says they wish they had gone bigger, but I really don't want them looking too big for my body . also super nervous about going under with GA in thailand but I know it's worth it! Thanks girls
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