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  1. Try some hydrogen peroxide on Q-Tips. This can dry the skin though, so consider moisturising the area afterwards
  2. The science of L-carnitine supplementation is a little more complicated than this. 'Acetyl L Carnitine' has been show to be beneficial for fat loss, however studies have shown that it needs to be taken with a high GI carbohydrate (in order to induce a large spike in the metabolic hormone insulin). Typically, the traditional "post-workout meal" consisting of protein and carbohydrates is where this supplement would be ingested in the literature. The theory is that the increase in insulin shuttles the L-carnitine to the mitochondria thereby helping the body to preserve muscle glycogen stores whi
  3. "Assessment of chin symmetry and asymmetry has been described in Chapter 19 . The width of the chin is variable. In frontal view, the transition of the lower border of the mandible from the gonial angles, along the lower border to the chin anteriorly follows a relatively smooth contour in women, ending in a single light reflection. There is greater angularity in men both at the gonial angles and the transition between the lower border of the mandible and the chin, ending in a double light reflection, which indicates wider and more rectangular chin morphology." Facial Aesthetics; concepts and c
  4. With respect, before and afters wasn't the issue being discussed here. The issue was shared experiences, as johny79 said. And everything you have said in your post is available on Dr Marcell's website, in the "About Doctor Marcells" section Dr Marcell's claims to be a master of rhinoplasty. That is a pretty big statement to make, especially when there are actually very few reviews of his work online to corroborate that statement. I've been researching ENT surgeons for a long time, and I can't recall even the big name American surgeons referring to themselves in this way. cosmetic, if you've h
  5. @johny79, I would have thought your post was made in exactly the right place [forums>procedures>Rhinoplasty - Nose Surgery]. This forum has hundreds of posts about Rhinoplasty in Australia and overseas. @cosmetic, may I please ask why George Marcells should be first on the list? There are actually very few reviews of his work anywhere on the web, including RealSelf. Has he operated on you? This post is not meant to be provocative, its just that I thought that everyone comes here in the hope of learning something... from each other. Surely this website wouldn't have a Rhinoplasty section
  6. Hi cosmetic, just wondering: is there a reason why you excluded Tobias Pincock from that list of recommended surgeons? I only ask because I am considering using him for my procedure. I have only heard good things about his surgical outcomes. The other name that was understandably overlooked was O'Keefe, as there are mixed reports regarding his outcomes. Thanks!
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