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    Breast augmentation 295 cc dual plane anatomicals
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    Dr Miroshnik
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    163 cm, 52 kg, small b cup

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  1. Vic


    Lilash is just a brand of lash growth serum.
  2. Vic


    I've always been a fan of lilash. Works wonders ??
  3. hi Krystie, im 163cm 52kg, had a ba with dr Miroshnik 4 months ago. I have 295cc anatomical dual plane gel implants. Inbox me if you want, I send you some pics
  4. hi lana, my ba with dr m was just a straight forward one but I'm pretty sure that there's a member here by the name maisieF that had tuberous breast correction and implants with dr m. Hope that helps x
  5. Vic

    Boob selfie!

    Can't get enough of this thread ?
  6. Miroshnik does internal bra, I have one. So does tavakoli. Brilliant plastic surgeons.
  7. Vic


    Thank you! I was small b and now I'm either 10dd or 12d depending on the brand of the bra
  8. Vic


    hi amyG. I had 295cc dual plane anatomics with dr Miroshnik 3 months ago
  9. Vic

    Boob selfie!

    Boobs at the beach! 3 months po
  10. I have paid 12800 In total for the procedure
  11. hi misshope, I had ba in September and I have 5 and 2.5 year old. Although I tried to take it easy, I did carry my son (16kg) at times at 3 weeks post op. He's pretty rough around the edges at this age so I just had to protect my new assets?. I had full time help for 3 days, part time for the following 3 days and I was in my own after that. In all honesty,I was too, very worried about looking after the kids, but to my surprise it wasn't all that bad at all. Good luck
  12. 34 with 2 kids. Had a ba in September
  13. At 2 weeks post op I was lifting my 26kg son when need be. Now at 12 weeks post op I'm totally fine. You will be ok
  14. omg, I also has zoom done 2 years ago! Tbh I would rather do breast surgery again! I also couldn't complete the treatment, had stabbing like pain all day and had get someone to pick me up from the dentist as opposed to driving myself! Awful experience. Now I just stick to home whitening kits
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