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    Dr Perron 15th December
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  1. I would say go the biggest you can fit. I was a 12a and got 415hp round and I am a 12d or 10dd depending on bra brand but i only really look about a c. And in topes i am not much different too what i was wearing my padded bras. I was hoping to really drop and fluff out but sadly i feel i have shrunk once all the swelling has gone down. I got mine done in December so am about 5 months post op. I would love to go bigger!!!
  2. I got rounds in december and its the best thing i ever did finally at 41 i have perky boobs!!! (that arent full of milk cos thats the only time i ever filled a bra.. before now that is ) you do what makes you happy and stuff anyone that judges!!! i got 415 hp and i wish i could have gone bigger, but they are better than what i had. you cant notice i got them done and no one knows not from school and the friends i told all have been supportive, except one who shocked me as i have known her since i was 14 and she questioned me saying she didnt think i was that kind of person!!! like WTF does that mean!!! anyway your body and you do what makes you happy!!! because no matter what people will always have something negative to say if they dont trully get it anyway
  3. It really depends alot on your breast width, you definitely dont need a lift. Fr request me if you like and see my before and after. I did get rounds though and 415 hp . I wish i could have got the next size up but my width was only 12.5 i would get another option though again. I wish i got more opinions. I know tear drop would have been fine on me and thats what the ps recommended but i wanted round. I fit into a 10dd, 12dd, 12d, and i look like a b/c cup i am not big at all. Your wish picture looks like round though, but sometimes its hard to tell the difference. Good luck ?
  4. Bra shopping is so frustrating! ! I thought it would be fun and exciting to go and get bras and it wasn't. Trying on bras all day and the disappointment that none feel comfortable or fit properly and then your boobs hurt from being in and out of so many bras. And sports bra shopping is the pits as well. I have had one day at trade secret where i got a lot on special at rock bottom prices though. That was my one good day. I bought 7 bras for $62 and i have a good variety. But some do feel a little uncomfortable in the day. The underwire hurts a little on some. I have one hot milk wire free its great. But wearing a bra sometimes after feels like my boobs have moulded to the bra or been squished in even though the bra sits around them at the moment. Its not how i thought it would be thats for sure. There have been many wasted trips looking for the perfect fitting bra ?
  5. Thanks for your replies ladies. I really appreciate it, it is hard when you are trying to grow and move forwards. We have been together for 20 yrs and its definitely hard work sometimes and other times a breeze...we also have 6yr old twins and i feel like a rubber band between them all sometimes so doing something for me was a big thing and then not being able to do things as i used to has been a challenge. Maybe we need a date night to really reconnect because everything is always busy and rushed and we dont have any time... life moves too fast sometimes ?
  6. I have gotten confidence since my BA and i just dont think i have to accept crap. I dont deserve it never have none of us do. But i have been told i have changed, i don't think i have. I have just reached an age in my life i think that i am over being told things and blamed for things and i am very vocal about it. Just wondering i feel like my marriage is falling apart now and i am told i have vhanged for the worse ?
  7. I swear my boobs have shrunk but the pics shows they have dropped and fluffed out a little, amazing comparing over time cos you dont really see the change otherwise. Top pic 6 wks bottom pic 13wks
  8. I have the silitape too and no reaction but in the work i do i sweat and then the tape isnt sticking but is held by my bra so i only wear it at night but its not long enough ? what do you do if you sweat?
  9. Hahaha i asked this a wee while ago too. I had sex 5 days post op not even thinking i shouldn't. My chest felt like it would explode. Hubby was laying downas there was no way i could and i kept my bra on but my heart raced terribly and that was scarey. My boobs were also really sore from jiggling up and down. I sore the nurse at 1 wk and she said we shouldn't until 3 wks but i couldn't help myself lol. I was ravenous for it haha And orgasm is really weird like wave and pump up of my boobs comes through...lol haha i do wish they would pump up some more ? But seriously though i think not raising the heart rate is to do with bleeding and making sure the healing has had good chance so not to trigger a bleed from pumping the blood too quick.
  10. I got the biggest that would fit and now 12wks on i definitely would like bigger unless some serious fluffing happens which I doubt because they seem smaller, i would never have thought i would think measuring 10dd/12dd i would feel small ?
  11. I am so jealous! ! All you girls with xhp...i hope mine do some fluffin...
  12. Hi Emilyy I have 415hp natrelle and i wish i could have gone bigger. Hp aren't that big on me but i am under muscle so you lose abit when its there. I was a 12a and am now in 10dd or 12d/dd depending on brand. But I wou ld say go as big as you can cos boob greed is very real
  13. Hi Pollo sorry i cant say what size you will end up. I got 415hp and i have major boob greed but i wanted to say you look great and have awesome side boob!!!
  14. Oh lucky you to go up in size!! It sucks about bras not fitting but i wish mine would go up in size but sadly i feel like i am still in the itty bitty titty club still ???
  15. I have rounds and its not easy like i thought it would be to find bras that fit...or maybe i need to really wait for all the d and f to happen and then try bra shopping again. I know someone with teardrop and she has no problems with finding bras that fit but she also had her BA a good few months before me.
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