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  1. So worried that i have to go under the knife again....
  2. They are dual plane and yes i didnt start with much breast tissue. Mine aren't visible but they just feel weird
  3. Hi ladies, I am around 5 months post op and i have noticed when i bend over slightly and touch my implats feel bumpy and wrinkley but when i stand up straight it feels more firm and smooth but i can still feel slight wrinkle on the outter side of my breast. My sister says it could be all the tissue and nerves and that its normal..but i have no idea. I wanted to check with ypu ladies before i call my surgeon
  4. Will def do it in the shower....use oil as suggested wait 10mins then try to take it off in the shower. Thank you xo Thanks Ittybitty! I think i will give it a go alone. Hopefully with oil and water it will come off easier. Glad yours went off easy...mine seems to be glued on extremely well...whatever glue they used has not eased up over these 3 weeks.
  5. Oh thats a good tio...will give that a go next week...thank you x I wasn't given micropore tapes ...may go out and get some...let us know how you're going in the up coming weeks x
  6. Sorry. yes i too was told to use bio oil..forgot to mention the oil part.... but was def told to use the silicon tape straight after removing the dressing and only take it off to shower. I think i need to call them to make a post op appointment...its been 3 weeks...no one has contacted me but i think its up to me to make post op appointments?!
  7. I was instructed to use silicon tape or whatever its called once i have removed the dressing. I was told to shower as soon as i remove it ,..hope im all healed. Glad you're healing quickly and im sure they will drop within the coming weeks
  8. I replied to your private message and just saw this. No i haven't got any pics up. I did post a pic when i was having post op blues and freaking out but i deleted it lol. I might do an update post or post pics in a private gallery soon.
  9. Oh ok then the lumpy-ness is ok ..i feel slightly better So not looking forward to taking them off...ouch...i too can feel my skin and tiny hairs all stuck to it. The edges hurt ...cant image the rest of it...fun times ahead lol
  10. :( poor thing...rest up..take your meds...and you'll be as good as new by tomorrow or the next day
  11. Sjay, wish i started off with that... i dont think i even had that much. I started off with nothing
  12. Yeah I went with Dr M. Yeah when i touch them over the bandages they feel bumpy/ swollen/puffy.. lol dont know how to explain it...i always envisioned them flat but they are either meant to be like that (maybe due to stitches like you said) or i have an infection :/ I too was told to peel from the inside out. Glad yours didn't hurt..maybe in a weeks time it wont be as bad x
  13. When did they drop? I am 3 weeks PO and hope mine drop and hide the incisions.
  14. In exactly a week i am due to take off the bandages. Because i am an interstate patient i have to take them off myself. Im really worried because they are tightly glued on and iv tried peeling off at the ends to test it out and its pretty painful My incisions seem puffy and they are not flat like other people's pics that i have seen. Is this normal? I am exactly 3 weeks PO Anyone have any any tips or similar experience?
  15. I was the same, felt no pain day of surgery... I even walked to my hotel from the hospital (5 min walk) Day 2 PO in the morning was the worst for me. I think once all the GA and pain meds they give you wear off it hits you. Mornings are the worst..super painful but once you get meds into you, you will be fine. Glad you're feeling positive and not in pain x
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