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  1. I had my follow up appointment at my gp being back in Adelaide. Had my steri strips replaced along with 3 external stitches in one nipple removed. But I have a small part along the incisions round that aerola that hasn't healed back together yet so that has to be monitored. I'm so worried about ending up with an open wound and scaring because other than that they look fantastic! I did let the nurse from the surgeons rooms know and she will be keeping in contact.
  2. Kty25

    It's time ?

    yep implant in there so no other scars which is so nice. I'm yet to see my nipple incisions still. Thank you, I love them, hopefully they settle nicely too. thank you, good luck! 5 weeks will go fast it did for me :)
  3. Hey ladies, pain isn't so bad I'm going to try stop taking them all together, I feel gross. Check out my bloat I'm not pushing out at all I literally look pregnant! Ughh can't stand it, so prune juice, water and everything else suggested above is what I'm going to do!
  4. Kty25

    It's time ?

    I was a very deflated, A maybe a B? I didn't fit any real cup size so here's a picture. You can sort of tell my aerolas were stretched after breastfeeding etc so that's why I'm nervous to see how he's changed them now
  5. Kty25

    It's time ?

    the pain is manageable on the painkillers, I'm not a huge fan of taking them too much though. Yesterday 1 endone put me to sleep for 3 hours! Lol I got 450cc and only ended up with a circumaerola lift which I'm super happy about. I go for my follow up in an hour and a half before flying home today. ill try to get some better pictures to share. Nipples are still covered, I don't know when I'll see them. im excited to see how they drop and change. I'm hoping they stay beautiful lol
  6. Wow I'm im kind of glad I'm not the only one that feels this bloat so badly. So loads of water it is, I took another round of lax last night and still nothing! I still feel so heavy and pregnant. Atleast by the sounds of it around 2 weeks it should be gone.
  7. thank you!! Once I can get some more shots that show more progress especially I'll share them with you.
  8. I'll have to give them another go, I took 2 lastnight and nothing's happened yet. Been drinking loads of water too. I'm hoping it's gone by 2 weeks when I have to go back to work lol
  9. Im only 2 days post op but my bloat is horrendous. When can I expect this to subside? Or does anyone have any advise how to help it subside? My clothes barely fit and I feel gross. Thank you
  10. Kty25

    It's time ?

    Hi cj, I woke up feeling really good just tight across the chest and a little drowsy. The first day and a half was bliss, I barely took any pain killers. Today though the pain has hit and my chest is very swollen and tight very bloated. I haven't seen my nipples yet but so far I'm so pleased with my breasts! I'm happy to answer any questions
  11. haha my typing on here is horrible I really should proof read. ive been getting my husband to help me up, how are you feeling today? I was excellent yesterday until just after dinner
  12. I've been so good so far but OMG this morning they hurt, I ache. I'm fly home tomorrow so I'm hoping I'm not in heaps on pain then, time to up the pain killers, I've barely been taking any. And I'm scared of seeing my kids haha I'm scared they'll head butt my boobs lol I cannot wait to be able to sleep flat. Mummyx4 I've already been looking at sexy lace bras!
  13. I'm sure you can too! I honestly thought I'd need the lollipop but I was confident in my surgeon he gives off so much confidence. I'll make sure I'm on here next week to see your results.
  14. thank you! My surgeon said he would decide during surgery wether or not I needed the lollipop and I'm glad I didn't but the results you get from a lollipop lift are dramatic and fantastic! Good luck for next Friday!
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