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    BL and BA. 420cc. Under muscle. Round textured. Extra High profile.
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    Dr Phil Richardson - 5th November 2015
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  1. Oooh i dont think i have alot of side boob though. I think its just my body. I wanted to try the bonds plunge bra but i dont want to pay $30 bahaha
  2. Haha i know. I keep thinking i should get the op and go bigger but....its hard enough to find a 12F or 12G bra that doesnt look yuck so maybe not. My aereolas were bigger pre op i think and different sizes not round on each boob so now i have perfectly round ones im pretty happy and i know he did reduce some of it to get it looking so symmetrical. But still, sigh, little aereolas would be nice. My hubby says he doesnt care and it is only him and me seeing them so i shouldnt worry too much but when you can always see the tops of them over bras its a bit annoying shoving them down lol maybe i can just keep my implants but get the smaller aereolas i wonder how much that would cost... I can feel those bumps too i wondered what they were. I do massage them when i put on the bio oil but i am slack with that haha I think they feel pretty nice, i never had big boobs so i dont know what real ones feel like, neither does my hubby lol he only had one other girlfriend before he met me and she was the same as me. So we think they feel natural but dont really know lol My main problem is finding bras that give that bum looking cleavage. I can do it when i squeeze them together but i want a bra that makes them sit there. And im hard pressed finding a plunge bra in cup F or G the only bra i have that makes them squish together apart from bralettes is a honey birdette.
  3. Loving the boobies still but i am thinking i should have got aereola reduction. My hubby says they look fine but i want cute looking nipples... i wonder if ps can chuck some bigger boobs in there too if i get an areola reduction bahaha might check the cost just in case Scars are fading slowly but ive been lazy with bio oil so meh lol can't really complain. How are you going??
  4. I went through phil richardson 5th nov for lift and augment. You can friend me and view my results, im adding new photos tonight actually
  5. You mentioned the breast institute, i went with dr richardson who partners in the breast institute i believe but i saw him direct as i needed a lift and implanrs and the breast institute is only for straight forward BA's. I think his direct fee for BA is $8990 or something similar. So a little bit more than breast institute because you are guaranteed he will do your surgery. I love my boobs so far im nearly 4 months post op. Feel free to friend request me to see befores and afters so you can see examples of his work.
  6. He sounds awful, i dont know why your friend would even go back to him surely there are others around same price or similar price like the breast institute. My ps that i went with was very patient, i had my 2 yr old with me and she was trying to annihilate herself by running into his giant mirror etc and he waited kindly while i sat her on my phone so i could focus on my questions. They shoukd show some sort of compassion or kindness.
  7. I had 420cc extra high profile round unders done with dr richardson november last year. The projection difference between xhp and hp was only like 0.5cm so not much. Im 159cm and was 67kg though i put on like 5 kgs since i had my boobs because ive been so happy with them WEnt from 12B deflated to 12F/12G depending on bra. I say go with the higher cc's. Dr richardson originally told me 390cc but i wantes more, he said 420cc was my max unfortunately. If i were you i would probably go toward the 550cc hp because my boobs have a gap and i feel like a wider implant might make the gap smaller. Good luck!
  8. My bust size has gone up i think 2cm between 6 weeks post op and 3 months post op so they could get bigger
  9. Huck, hope you are doing ok? Any updates? Have ur boobies settled in more? Any changes in them? I think of you often. Xoxo
  10. I paid 14k for bl and ba and but with medicare rebate and private health rebate i ended up paying around $12400 i think or something like that.
  11. I had my lift and implants done with Dr Richardson at Brisbane plastic surgery. Im nearly 3 months post op and i love my new boobies. He is a very relaxed guy, very cruisy which made me feel more relaxed. When i went for consult he didnt push me to make a booking for surgery at the end of it, he actually recommended i come back for a second consult after i had time to process and in case i had more questions. I feel he is a very competent surgeon and knowledgeable. I went into my consult with 3 pages of questions, by the end of his explanations and recommendations i only had 3 he hadnt answered. He has a great staff too they check up on you post op and book ur follow up appts as you go, if you freak out about size and want to try the sizers again which i did it was never a problem. You can friend request me if you want to see before and afters of his work
  12. Can u send a pic to ur ps? Thats what i would do.
  13. I had a lollipop lift and ba in nov 2015 and paid 14k, but with medicare and private health rebates it was more like 12k out of pocket. So 12k is actually pretty cheap. My other consult that i went to gave me price of approx 18k for the procedures. Travakoli i have heard is amazing. I used dr richardson in brisbane and i love my results so far.
  14. Thats what the forum is for hun to ask all the questions you need I never used vitamin E cream before, stretch marks are a genetic thing. There isnt much you can do to avoid getting them. You can use something like bio oil to fade them. Im using bio oil on my lollipop lift scars and they are getting fainter but im also a bit slack when using it haha
  15. Just checked out your 10 week photos! They look amazing and very natural and perky. You must be loving them?
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