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  1. booked in with Eddy dona for consult 5th december
  2. Dr Eddy Dona is a plastic Surgeon in sydney I havd heard good reviews I paid my consultation fee today he is around the $8800.00 mark
  3. Hi Lovely Ladies I have cancelled my surgery with cosmetic Insitute and now looking into Dr Eddy Dona ? Anyone have reviews on him or can recommend another doctor? cheers
  4. I have cancelled my appointment and now looking into Eddy Dona ? Anyone have any feedback on him
  5. Hi Beautiful Ladies i have been booked with Dr Tang 17th december and with the news coverage brings concerns i would love to hear results on Dr Tang cheers
  6. Hi beautiful Ladies, I'am booked in on the 17th December with Dr Tang , after all the news coverage i'm a little concerned ? does anyone know the two doctors involved in the last two incidents ? Also anyone had Surgeory with Dr Tang and how were there Results ? i did also recieve an email that my surgery will be done in Concord Private hospital , not in the Parramatta Clinic anymore ? cheers
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