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  1. Has anyone had a BA and used a finance company? I saw on TAVAKOLIs page you can use MAC CREDIT.. Just wondering others experiences with finance for a BA. I can continue to save but would love to get my BA done sooner rather than later ??
  2. Hey hun, I rang last wed morning after seeing the news & a lot of comments on facebook to cancel my surgery- spent the night worried sick I was going to loose my deposit but they said they would refund, they do refunds on Mondays, just checked my account and Its there. Have you checked tonight? If your not CBA maybe it might take a few days x
  3. Hi hun, my suggestion is to look on instagram #tcidrdash and see all the photos that come up. If you look into the comments under his photos, some girls are making accouts that you can follow and see their personal journeys. Id def recommend looking at this forum and the different threads on here, I was booked into TCI and have since cancelled after reading everything about their clinic. Also I realised they are not actual Plastic surgeons, they are just cosmedic, while some girls look amazing, there is a thread on here with a lot of girls needing revision surgery from there BA with TCI. Goodluck xxxx
  4. ill have to look him up When are you going for your consult?
  5. I haven't heard of eddy, is he in Sydney? What price is he? i know of a few people who have used TAVAKOLI , I'm looking at going to him. Dr Miroshnik looks amazing but he is $12k. All the negativity to come out about TCI just made me too uncomfortable . I am getting my deposit refunded back to me! I read comments on here and also on 9 News facebook thread under the TCI news segment and it doesn't sound great at all! And when I spoe wth the other surgeons the aftercare sounds incredible. So much better than TCI! I hope the girl is ok!!
  6. Hi Ladies, anyone been to DR TAVAKOLI, HUNT or MIROSHNIK?? I was booked into TCI but have since cancelled my surgery and it's made me look right into it all, I think I moved way to quickly and now looking into actual plastic surgeons (might sound redic but I actually didn't realise there was a difference between a PLASTIC surgeon and a COSMETIC- how stupid of me I know) would love to see and hear of personal experiences with these surgeons Carly
  7. I'm looking into cosmedi tour, also dr tavaokoli. & dr Jeremy hunt.. Both tavaokoli and hunt are in Sydney and 10k so it's a far but more but they seem to be amazing surgeons with a massive amount of experience not only here but also in the states. I've got to work out who I want to go with then have a consult, the Sydney surgeons won't operate the next day, you have to wait a week before they will. They seem so professional compared to TCI! Im just so glad this all came up before I went!
  8. I desperately wanted them too, but I just can't shake all the negativity that's surrounding TCI. If you don't want to spend heaps check out cosmeditour, they are on the Goldcoast also organise the Thailand trips, they are the same price but use PLASTIC surgeons & GA and operate in a private hospital in southport. Xx
  9. Hey look up #tcidrtang on Instagram also if you look at comments under TCIs photos you will see girls comment that have made There own accounts so you can follow their journey. I was booked with DR Kwok but have cancelled my appoint after becoming more aware of what goes on atTCI and realising that they are only cosmetic surgeons not plastic. I'm looking into dr Jeremy Hunt & dr tavakoli now x
  10. I was booked into TCI for November but have since cancelled my appoint. Cosmeditour on theGC used GA and also PLASTIC surgeons instead of Cosmetic surgeons that TCI has. The poor young girls but I am glad it all came to light prior to my appointment there seems to be a lot of unhappy TCI girls!
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