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    Breast augmentation
    Mild constricted breast
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    Dr Tony Connell- Jan 2016
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    178cm, 65kgs, 12a

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  1. Yay for you rachael1981! Thinking of you and good luck !
  2. Thanks for the luck and the well wishes girls ! Must've worked because today went totally fine ! I checked in at 8.15 and they took me to my room to get prepped with a gown and pre meds (temazepam) and went through my notes/medical history and then I waited and read a book for half hr then it was all systems go! Went into theatre and was chatting away, next minute I wake up WITH BOOBS!! and couldn't be happier! Tony and Bryan (my anaesthetist) were amazing, I felt at ease the whole time and I know I'm probably being bias but I I think my new boobies are pretty gosh darn perfect! I'm in hospital over night (as that what Tony requests for all his patients) and have zero pain, just slight pressure in my chest. Tomorrow might be a dif story but for now I'm totally stoked ! Will post some pics tomoz ! Thai coconuts/ thinking of you and hope all is going savvy! X Dominique I'm glad it all went tip top for you!! ? X And rachael1981 I will be thinking of you! Hopefully it's as easy breezy as mine was today! X emzyworld hoping time flies for you! I know how much it drags for you hey when your so keen for something! Will be following you to see how u go X thanks again girls for all your support! Sending good boobie vibes to you all!
  3. Thank you! I might have to give them a whirl! I'm so sick of drawing in my eyebrows every day haha.
  4. Heya girls ! Yay there are some other januarians out there haha. I've been on and off this site for a few months and didn't even realise there was a thread for each month haha. I was probably too busy looking at before and afters trying to find peeps with similar stats! Anyways my BA is this wed (I know, soo freakin soon!!) and I can't wait ! Going with 425cc anatomicals - starting with basically nothing that was the biggest I could go! wishing you all luck with your up coming surgeries ! And you today Dominique!! xx
  5. I was also looking into this Cupcake85! Did you find anywhere in Perth ? :)
  6. Heya natz ! I've just had 2 consults with Tony and have my op next week (aaaaargh way to excited !) as far as I'm aware he doesn't have a website ! But he showed me pics of similar cases so I could get a rough idea of what my results could be like (he also does the Vectra imaging thing). Ive only read great things about him and he is lovely in person too! Highly recommend ..so far haha, but I have great faith !
  7. Congrats Countrygirl94 !! looking so good so far ! Looks like Tony has done a marvellous job! Hope you have a speedy recovery! Will be watching your progress
  8. Hi Kboromini I know this is a bit late but for what it's worth I'm booked in with dr Tony Connell in Jan, and have been extremely impressed with him so far and only heard wonderful things about him! And I think it's roughly about 14k good luck with everything!!
  9. Aaaaw *hugs*! I hope you are feeling in better sorts soon. It sucks to feel that way. Don't feel guilty, I'm sure over the next couple of days things will look up for you. Sending you lots of good vibes and happiness.
  10. Wow that is so soon! good luck and I hope all goes ticketyboo for you! Good riddance to the toxic relationship and hello to a new you!
  11. Congrats !!! ? So exciting isn't it ! I'm booked in for 6th Jan and I feel like I'm in a time warp waiting and waiting for it to come round! Something I've been wanting for so long too, but I wanted to wait until I'd had kids, and now I've had 2 lovely bubbas and I'm gooood to go!!! I thought I was small before but now after breast feeding I'm smaller than ever ? Good luck on your journey! I will be counting down the sleeps with you haha
  12. Thank you! Dr Tony Connell is doing mine in Jan here in Perth at Cambridge Day Surgery ? I seriously can.not.wait!!!!!! ?
  13. I agree with you both, anything will be an improvement good luck and hope all is smoothe sailing for you tomorrow Juilia83!! And thanks harmonybear I can't wait to follow your journey! My breasts are slightly constricted also (didn't realise til I went to my first consult, just thought I was small haha) but yeah so he said he will have to do radial scoring to open the breast pocket more or something.. Sounds painful and I was going to research it a bit more but also think ignorance can be bliss, don't want to freak myself out haha! Aaaah well I know it will be worth it, I'm soooooo ready to look like a lovely curvy woman instead of a boy haha
  14. Hi TTaa just saw this thread and wanted to say congrats on a successful surgery ! You look amazing !!!!!!! What a difference hey! Anyways hope you're enjoying your new additions ... Bring on Jan, hope mine turn out as good as yours !
  15. Hello harmonybear ! Eeek how exciting ! I'm similar stats to you, height and weight! So can't wait to see how you go and what you end up as! I want to end up as a d/DD too and my surgeon (dr Tony Connell) suggested 425cc full height and projection anatomicals, as I'm starting out with pretty much nothing but I've breast fed two bubbas so maybe my skin has stretched enough to fit it. ? Are you going under the muscle? All the best for your op! I'm booked in for Jan and time is going sooo slow!!!!
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