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  1. Fi Fi

    Pregnancy after implants.

    I've just had mine done. I'm hoping to have kids after my Uni degree in 2years. Might push it to 3. That's lovely u have met someone 😍 good luck x
  2. Fi Fi

    Extra Large Implant appreciation thread

    why didn't I see this thread b4 I got my boobs done god dam 😒
  3. Wishing u a speedy recovery!! Xx
  4. Fi Fi

    The boobs are here!

    perfection ❤ x
  5. Fi Fi

    8 week old incisions

    I'm 7 weeks and have been using bio oil 3 time aday ..mine were red but are now fading due to the bio oil ...x Good diet plays a huge part to for healing.x
  6. Fi Fi

    What are your thoughts on this...

    I would definitely try and make them look nice. Dolly partons look ok lol 😁
  7. Fi Fi

    What are your thoughts on this...

    I don't wanna get old ...lol 😁 I do where plenty of cream thou...not baby oil lol 😁 x
  8. Probably as its quite intense exercise.Speak with your surgeon and you will know yourself when you feel fit and ready again.
  9. Hi Shezi. I'm stil fairly new myself..awww not long now 😊 top right hand side you wil see red notification just click on it and tick the friend request. I think lol 😁 x
  10. Hi Hunter how exciting.I had 3weeks off work. I found week 1 and 2 hard I couldn't lift my arms much.your surgeon should give you strong pain killers hoping you have a speedy recovery.Everyones recovery is different so good luck 🍀x I had under the muscle also. after 3 weeks I was fine with working driving cleaning etc.
  11. Fi Fi

    Long term plans for your implants?

    I'm going bigger in the next 10yrs maybe after kids. I feel so great with them and I've always wants a set. 🍈 🍈❤ them x I really thought 500s would be big but there not that big. Lol
  12. Hi I sent u a friend request I have same stats as u. I had xhp unders 520 and 480 exciting!!! Good luck 🍀 x
  13. Fi Fi

    Scared, nervous, anxious!

    you will be fine 😊 I have 520 and 480 and wishing I went bigger! I'm 7weeks post op there looking more like a DD I still haven't been to get sized yet ill go on Monday. Add me if you wanna see pics. X
  14. Fi Fi

    Was it worth it?

    Yes definitely I . Also wanted mine done since I was 17 I finally did it at 30. I now look and feel more feminine and can look at myself in the mirror and feel more confident. I no longer look like an ironing board.