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  1. Looking good @Bushlander. Went through my wardrobe and threw out a lot of clothes that are far too big now. It's a nice feeling to go out and buy things and not have to worry about how they will fit or if they are long enough to cover the stomach. When do you fly home?
  2. @Bushlander I was walking straight once the drains were out which for me was day 6. I put the binder back on about 20 mins ago as we are away and did a fair bit of walking today. I just feel a bit better with it on at the moment. Will leave it on for a few hours. my hubby asks me when I put something on is that new. I said everything is new just give up asking lol @Happy Again your looking good on day 1. Nice boobs. Bet you can't wait to see them. I still have to get around to uploading photos
  3. just catching up on everything. You look great @Bushlander. I am surprised how much my swelling has changed over the last 3 weeks so things will change weekly for you. @Happy Again glad everything went well. Just rest as much as you can. So saw my surgeon yesterday and he is stoked with my progress. No longer have to wear my binder or surgical bra. Back to doing everything I was doing prior to the surgery including lifting weights but he said just listen to your body as I will know whT I can and can't do. He said I am weeks ahead of where I should be healing wise so feeling pretty good, i left the surgery with no binder on and my pants were falling down lol. Went to the shops and brought some smaller pants. Also went to bras n things and brought a wire free bra and matching undies
  4. Oh sorry Happy I thought it was yesterday you were done but I am a day ahead of myself this week. All the best
  5. I am sure all went well @Happy Again and you are on your way to a quick and easy recovery. how are you feeling @Bushlander? went and brought my everyday sports bra yesterday and my compression top arrived so now as soon as I get the all clear from the surgeon who I see again tomorrow I will be out joggin the streets again. Only one more week of having to wear the binder and compression bra. Can't wait for the binder to be gone. Don't mind it in the day but nighttime it can be annoying
  6. I was wondering how I was going to go when I went back to my next laser appointment @Jen Mc. How long did you wait before going to get it done? I am numb around my belly button and lower abdo but I am not too worried. I never got feeling back where my c section scar was and that was 20 years ago.
  7. @Bushlander sounds like everything is going smoothly for you. Bet you can't wait to check out your new boobs. @Happy Again. Long now. The hospital will give you endone I am sure. Just remember to keep panadol up every 4 hours as well. People underestimate how good it can be. today I did my first 5km walk up a big hill and back down again. Felt really good to do it although I was jealous of all the runners tackling the hills. The day will come when I am back out there running.
  8. @Bushlander so happy it all went well for you. Bet you can't wait to get a good look at the girls and how perky they are. Keep up the pain medication whilst they are willing to give it to you. glad you got th money mess sorted out. The hospital stuffed up with giving the incorrect bsb so they should wear the exchange rate loss not you. Glad the surgeon took a pay cut. @Happy Again wow that's exciting only 4 days to go. My theatre was scheduled for 10am but I was on the table and under by 9:26, last time I saw thsee clock. Exciting only days away to the improved you. Exciting times ahead ladies
  9. Sounds like you are doing well @Lulu78. You will be surprised how each day gets easier and easier. I am day 17 post op and apart from not hanging out the washing or lifting anything too heavy I am pretty much feeling back to normal. The one thing I will say when you get home is when your tired rest as one day I will feel fantastic and the next day I feel tired. I went back to the gym yesterday for the first time, just went on the treadmill and then chatted to hubby whilst he did weights but felt good to start doing normal things again.
  10. Glad you arrived safely @Bushlander. Good luck with choosing the new boobs. Very excited for you. Just remember pain is temporary and it doesn't last forever. I never once said I wish I didn't do this. I believe it was the best decision I ever made apart from deciding to lose the weight and get fit. GOOD LUCK ??
  11. @Bushlander is today the day you fly? how exciting. Brought my first new sports bra yesterday and ordered my compression top from 2XU so it will arrive for when I am able to start jogging again in 2 weeks. Finally going back to the gym today. Only going to be on the treadmill and will have a chat with the hubby whilst he does some weights but it will be good to go back to a normal routine. I have been walking the streets for my 2km daily allowance but I am a bit bored with that so one day at the gym and the next day around the block will break up the monotony.
  12. Just accepted your friends request @Bushlander. Have you got coloxyl or another form of laxative that you can take with you? That is the one thing I would recommend. I on,y took endone for the first 3 days in hospital and then 4 days when I was at home and that was only at night. The rest of the time I took panadol a couple of times a day but by day 7 no pain medication. It still mucks up your system so if you can take them with you I would recommend it. I basically wore a singlet and happy pants when I got out of hospital for the first week until my drains were out. You won't need to worry too much on clothing if it's going to be that hot. Is hubby going with you?
  13. Yes I have seen your album @Happy Again. I have taken photos of before on our camera and then some post op are on their too and on my phone. The camera is in the top of the wardrobe and I can't reach it without hurting myself so will have to wait until hubby gets home. @Bushlander sounds like they are jealous of you actually doing something good for yourself. I too know someone who is very similar to that. If it's not about her then she doesn't want to know about it. What I think is funny is she thinks I am the vain one for doing this for myself. Oh well I don't care I am happy healthy and living the life I went so who cares what anyone else things. how many days left before you go in ladies?
  14. not many people know that I had this done. Only a select few who haven't judged me nor asked too many questions that they know I couldn't answer prior to surgery. There are going to be the bitches at work who will judge me but I couldn't care less what they think. My husband said exactly the same as your hubby @Bushlander lol. I will say yes I have had a tummy tuck and not say anything about my boobs. I am actually smaller in the boob department than I was in my old bra. I lost 100ccs per boob in the lift. If they ask I will say yes I had a reduction because technically I did. funny story my hubby was so relieved everything went well after the surgery that the night after my surgery he went back to the hotel and got that drunk he ate a whole bag of CC chips and can't remember doing it. i worked hard to lose the 60kgs and I won't let anyone put me down for finally making myself feel good in my own skin. If they don't like it then I couldn't care less anymore. I feel good and can't wait to get back out there running and not feel the jiggle of my belly whilst I run. @Happy Again I love that $35000 woman
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