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    Brisbane, Queensland
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    Textured Allergan Rounds
    R 310cc Moderate
    L 345cc High
    *due to assymetry
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    Breast Academy 26/10/15
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    161cm 48kg 10A/10B

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  1. I'm 161cm tall, 47kgs and bwd of 12cm. I got 310cc mod in right /345cc high in left to correct assymetry (dual plane) . I don't have any pics to fr but i have an insta if you wanna add. mrs.ba. Oh and I was sized 2 weeks ago at 6 weeks post op as a 10D/8DD from a 10A.
  2. I think berlei brought out a nude coloured sports bra with convertible straps.
  3. Very similar stats... 161cm 47kg and bwd 12cm pre op 10A, i got 310cc/345cc dual plane and just got sized today at 10D/8DD so happy ☺
  4. i was actually put into this bra straight after surgery, hated it at first cuz of all the swelling but now love it and put it on as soon as i get home from work lol
  5. I'm 2.5 weeks and doing much better than i thought. Back into driving and working as normal, still get a weird feeling when i tense my pec too much so i just stop. Can't wait to be able to buy proper bras. Any tips on a good bikini to get? I'm thinking I might need to be sized properly for a seafolly one as no normal triangle bikini fits the girls.... who would've thought lol. I hope everyone else's recoveries are going well and they are happy with their results. X
  6. Mine have come down from my collar bones but still sitting quite high and beach ball-y. I do love the perkiness atm but keen to get more cleavage with some d & f.
  7. I was told 6 weeks but can wear wirefree bras up until then. Just bought some great supoortive cheapies from kmart. So comfy!
  8. I had a really sore shoulder from about POD2 - POD5 i made it an effort to try and roll my shoulders as per ps instructions and to just slightly arch my back. I was told if it hurts don't do it. I'm now 2.5 weeks post op, my posture has corrected itself and I don't have any back or shoulder pain. Everyone is different in their recoveries and there is no set time you should be doing things by. Chin up and just do as much as you can ☺
  9. I had quite a horrible experience with telling my mum but you will be happy to know that once she realised i wasn't going dolly parton style she calmed down. She said some pretty hurtful things to me but in the end she's my mum and she was just worried about me having surgery. In the end as long as your intentions are right and that you are doing this for yourself, everyone will either support you, not mind either way, or they can get stuffed. Your opinion is the only one that matters as this is your body and good on you for making this decision ☺
  10. Bump Feeling this pain today on my dominant side. It felt like i over stretched during the night and am now paying for it. The twinges are definitely worse for me than the first few days after my op (I'm 2 weeks PO). Hopefully it goes away soon but glad to know others have been through it too.
  11. Bump. I ended up getting the 2 diff sized implants and profiles, now i know I'm only on POD12 and they will drop at diff rates but i can already notice that my bigger implant is bigger than the other (while it wasnt evident on POD0 and POD7 when i took pics). Is this a cause for concern? Or should i wait for them to d & f and settle in before i freak out? Any advice would be great x
  12. I was thinking about the same thing this morning. I'm only POD12 but I just noticed this morning that my bigger implant is looking bigger.
  13. I'm hoping to invest in a triangl brand bikini, as far as I'm aware they don't have any padding and can accommodate a larger bust with smaller bra band. http://australia.triangl.com/collections/swimwear
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