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  1. I went through cosmetic institute and very happy with my results, now 3 months post op. The only extra costs i had was 150 for consult, and 50 for an extra post op bra, they supply you with 1 but you can buy extras if you like. And about 60 dollars straight after surgery for prescription pain killers. They are cheaper because they are cosmetic surgeons not plastic surgeons.
  2. I am normally not a fan of strapless bras but needed to buy one for under my work tops the other day. I had a bit of trouble too. I just wanted a cheap one, so tried k-mart but that had alot of padding and was sooo uncomfortable. Best and less also only had ones with padding, so had no choice but to spend a bit extra and go to bras n things. I cant remember exactly, but its just a basic strapless without any padding and it is pretty comfortable. The first one i tried looked almost identical to this one but was awful, so was shocked when this one was okay. I think its just part of the essentials range, not sure, but it was $50 and the uncomfy one i tried was $60. Not sure which ones you tried on but maybe worth a look.
  3. shan i had dr lee too! i got 325 and 365 cc and am now 9 weeks post op. I am a d-dd depending on the bra. Some D's fit perfectly while others are way too small so all depends on the bra. i started as an A cup, about 175cm and about 63 kg. I loved Dr Lee he was lovely.
  4. I have 2 kids, 4 and 5, and i didnt have any dramas. Yes, the housework slipped, but mainly because i just felt exhausted. Was fine to cook dinner and look after the kids, although mine are just a little bit older than yours so they can do most things independently. After a few days i was scrubbing the bathroom, although i paid for it the next day. Lol. I had a fairly good recovery compared to others and didnt need alot of pain medication. In my opinion, the more you force yourself to do the easier youre recovery will be, well it worked for me anyway. I just didnt let the pain take over, and kept going about my business, making sure i wasnt completely overdoing it. I just took a few naps in the afternoons.
  5. Originally i was booked with dr dash but changed to Dr Lee, only because of what surgery dates were available and Dr Dash didnt have anything available until the new year, and i happened to get one of Dr Lee's cancellations. I am really happy with TCI, i have had a great experience so far. I am now 8 weeks post op and had a breezey recovery compared to others. I dont remember how long til i could lift my arms, but i know it was quite early, after a few days i was trying on different tops although i did struggle with some getting them on and off.
  6. I was scheduled to have 3 weeks off and then return to light duties. But they decided to stuff me around and towards the end of my 3 weeks said i cannot return on light duties, when i come back i need to be on normal duties. So i found out how much sick leave i had left, went to my GP, and got a certificate to cover my leftover sick days, which gave me another week and a half off. I probably could have gone back after the 3 weeks, but i was infuriated about the whole situation at the time, so took the opportunity to milk some extra time off before the busy xmas period since it was handled so poorly on my employers end. I work in a resaurant/bar/function center so am on my feet all day, and lots of heavy lifting setting up weddings and conferences, so it was probably a good thing i did take the extra time off in the end.
  7. hahaha thanks ladybug! Dont worry thats not creepy. Lol. I got 325 and 365 high profile rounds. Really happy with the size, measuring a 10D or a DD from Bras n things cos they are heaps smaller, tried on a DD at Target and it was massive! Lol.
  8. Thanks ladies. I will try it again today and see how I go. I was getting too fruatrated with it last night, sitting there swearing to myself and shaking my head hahaha
  9. If you need to go on light duties i would make sure that is all organised before you go on leave. I only say that because i had organised 3 weeks off - 2 weeks sick leave and i week annual leave, then the medical certificate said 4 weeks of light duties. I sent this into my hr lady the day after the procedure, then she rang me about 4 days before i was supposed to go back and said they only need to supply light duties if it is a work cover incident. So ended up taking another week and a half as sick leave before going back on full duties. Not that i minded because i had enough sick leave to cover it anyway and definently wasnt complaining about having more time off. Lol. Funny though that 2 girls at my work had both had BA's in the last 6 months and were allowed to return to light duties but they changed their mind with mine. Lol.
  10. Mine were constantly hard for weeks after my surgery, to the point i would be at work or at the shops and even feeling the air con would make them hurt so much more! Hahaha. Thank god thats over!!
  11. Couldnt resist posting another pic. Lol. 8 weeks post op today. Love how much better clothes fit me now!! Everything actually sits the way it should!
  12. So about 3 weeks ago i bought a bra from bras n things with the removeable wire. Sooo comfy, but i just wanted to try it with the wire in and i swear it is impossible to get it back in!! My hands are all cramped up from trying to squeeze it and get it to fit in the little hole, i didnt even come close to being able to do it!! Is there some trick i dont know about!?!?
  13. I have had both before. GA for a totally unrelated surgery and twilight when I had my BA. I actually preferred the twilight. I spent about an hour in recovery and felt a little out of it but after that I was completely fine, had a great experience with it.
  14. I am 6 weeks post op and tried on sooo many bikinis! I was a bit disappointed at first too, but the more I tried on the better it got. I think I am not used to having them out on show yet either so its a big adjustment for me, I am so used to trying to cover up my old A cups. Lol. In the end I decided I didnt want to spend alot right now because I want to buy expensive ones when my boobs have settled properly. Luckily I found one on sale for $25, down from $99. Score! But best and less also have plain bandeau style tops for $15. I just got a plain black and it looks really good.
  15. it called something like complete comfort or contour comfort from bras n things ... has removeable wire and so comfy
  16. it called something like complete comfort or contour comfort from bras n things ... has removeable wire and so comfy
  17. I thought it may be best to wait awhile, but i am so impatient. Lol. Maybe i will get one elsewhere in the mean time and next christmas i will get one of the others. I go on a cruise in march so wanted to be all tatted and healed by then *sigh* lol. But i do want the best outcome so i think youre right, they are still going to change so much which will effect the overall position of it.
  18. I am thinking of getting myself a new tattoo soon but i am only 6 weeks post op. I really like the look of ones that goes above the breast, like on the upper pole part, and also the ones that are below the boobs but sort of come up into the cleavage a little. I know the needle doesnt penetrate far enougg to cause any harm to the implant, but how soon do you think is too soon to have that area tattooed? Should i be waiting a few months?
  19. 6 weeks yesterday and bought myself my first new bra. Nothing special, but sooo glad to be out of the post op bra
  20. I had 1 implant 325 and the other 365. Started as a 10A, and now around a 10D.
  21. I went to the cosmetic institute and had a great experience. I had no real issues pre surgery, aside from a small assymetry, so my BA was quite straight forward though. I am 6 weeks post op with Dr Lee and he was great. But do agree with the other girls, a plastic surgeon may be better if you think you are tuberous. You may still get a good result with tci, but may be a risk.
  22. Great pics everyone! I am only 4 weeks post op so cant wait for some D&F action! Mine have softened quite a bit compared to how hard they were but still a long way to go looking at everyone elses photos!
  23. I did not have any issues, but i know alot of ladies on here bave. I think its to do with the codiene in them?
  24. I am the same height and weight, i dont actually know what my BWD is, but i got 325 and 365cc high profile and am about a 10D now. I am 5 weeks post op so havent actually been fitted, i just went a tried a few bras on about 2 weeks ago. Who knows, the size may bave changed now, i am not too concerned. This was the biggest i could go, and i was also just a straightforward BA. Theres some pics in my gallery if you send me a request.
  25. hahaha me too! I have bad 4.5 weeks off, but tomorrow is my first day back. Soooo not looking forward to it!
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