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  1. Hope all you girls have a smooth recovery! I am 4 weeks post op so i can tell you it does get so much easier, the first week is the hardest then you should start to feel human again! Once the tightness subsides a little things dont seem so bad, youll be able to lay more comfortably and take a nice deep breath in. I know it gets boring being stuck at home but try to enjoy it, its not often us mums get to have a break from routine. Forget about the housework not getting done and find a nice spot outside with a good book. For me it was nice just to be in the backyard and not cooped up inside all the time. Hang in there girls, it will all be worth it in the long run!! All the best for the best recovery.
  2. I am also a tci patient. Just go to youtube and type in something like tci breast augmentation massage and it should be the first link. Glad it all went well!!
  3. try to think of the positive, im sure they are still a million times bigger than what you had before!
  4. I love them! They are finally getting to the point of looking normaler (if thats a word lol). Still quite hard at times but alot softer than what they were. Just wish my nipples would stop hurting and being so sensitive!! I am 4 weeks post op, so they will be ready in time for beach season! Have already bought 2 new swim tops and been to the beach a few times. I feel so confident now, like when i get to the beach i can take my top off with my head held high instead of trying to hide my lack of boobs. Lol. It sounds stupid but thats how i feel. Even mine and hubbys sex life has improved. Bot that it was bad before but i think because i have more confidence it has just changed alot and just feels.... different. To be honest i was teased alot when i was younger about looking like a boy by my older brothers mates, and i should never have let it effect me so much but i think that has always stuck with me and i just never loved myself or had a lot of self confidence about my appearance. I am 28 and finally feel good about myself now, i wish i did this years ago!
  5. Thanks girls, atleast i am not the only one! Like you said, hopefully it will sort itself out in time
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if it is normal to have uneven incision scars? My left is perfectly in the crease, and my right is about half a cm or 1 cm above the crease? I am a little panicked that this may mean my implant can fall behind the incision. If that makes sense ... is that what they call bottoming out? I am 4 weeks lost op, is it too early to worry or should i speak to my surgeon?
  7. I am 4 weeks post op through TCI who recommend massaging 3 times a day for about 2 minutes. But I have been a bit slack with doing the massages, I maybe do it once, sometimes twice a day. So you think this will effect anything?
  8. I am 28 with 2 kids, 4 and 5 and planning to stop there lol.
  9. i am also a happy TCI patient, but also a straight forward BA with no forseeable complications. I am 3 weeks post op with Dr Lee. i agree with mamma milks, maybe a second opinion wouldnt hurt if your daughter would consider it. did dr tang seem confident about the situation or concerned? I would also ask how many times he has dealt with a case like this before and what the outcome was.
  10. I had an easy recovery also, which I think partly was due to the fact I have young kids and even when I am sick, I need to have the mentality of "just get on with it". I did have a few panaden fortes the first few days and a few panadol early on, but was still cooking dinner, getting kids ready for school and walking to and from the school, shopping etc etc. I had a few cat naps here and there but overall I was so happy with how easy my recovery was, had read some real horror stories aswell and was starting to freak out about how long I would be out of action for.
  11. I know the feeling! I was 3 weeks PO on Monday with TCI, so I figure I am atleast half way now. We have had a few really hot days here too that were sooo uncomfortable wearing it. But atleast once Summer really hits I will be able to stop wearing it! Was also a little bummed cos I tried on some new swim tops and none of them seem to sit right yet, they all gape out at the bottom, hopefully that wont be forever!! Hang in there!!
  12. I never stopped smoking. I had every intention to because i was scared of infections, it was a case of tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, and then my surgery day was there. I did research on google and like someone else said it is to do with slowing down the healing process, so i self diagnosed and figured it would be okay, or they would not perform any sort of surgery on a smoker, not just elective surgery. Dont stress, im sure you will be fine, i have not had any dramas.
  13. They stopped hurting awhile ago, not.too sure to be honest lol, just one of those things i forgot about over time so not actually sure when. I remember the first couple of days the bra was rubbing on them, but then after that i just paid no attention to them. Was panicking going to sleep last night, thinking i would wake up and they would be torn open or something, but they have even improved since last night
  14. I just bit the bullet last night and took them off. I have only seen the incisions once beforehand at my 1 week appointment when i had them changed, so it is crazy to see them again. They look like they are healing fine to me and arent sore or anything. Yay! Such a relief.
  15. I will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow, had my dressings changed at my 1 week appointment. All my paperwork says the new ones should start to come off within the next 2 weeks, and when the fjrst one starts coming off, to also just remove the second. Neither of mine have started coming off yet. Should i be taking them off anyway or just leave them alone?
  16. i really dont think 2 weeks will be enough. I work in hospitality aswell and the medical certificate gave me 3 weeks off (thats what i asked for), and they also put down a couple of weeks of light duties, so no heavy lifting. I also just found out apparently its the law they dont need to give you light duties unless its a work cover incident, so if they want to be harsh, legally they dont have to have you back at work until you have been cleared for full duties by a doctor. I would aim to take 4 weeks off (and i had an EASY recovery). and the driving, i drove again at about 4 days post op. Mainly.because i had no choice and had to pick my daughter up from pre school. I stayed away from 5th gear for about a week and just stayed in 4th, and would also park waaaay up the back of the car park away from everyone cos it was hard turning around while reversing and didnt want to hit anything. Lol.
  17. im so sorry to hear what has happened tiger. I am interested though, how many weeks was it when you realised something was wrong? And also, what dr performed your surgery? i am almost 3 weeks post op with tci, and so far very happy, although with all these news stories around at the moment, i am starting to panic that down the track something may go wrong.
  18. I went through Dr Lee at TCI, didnt have drains. I am very happy so far with TCI, with the whole process and the results, but I know there are many mixed reviews about TCI, so I think its best if you do your research and make an informed decision.
  19. Sciatica (not sure how you spell) playing up lately... is always a good excuse
  20. do you have a recliner you could sleep in? i slept on the lounge for a week and a half but instead of a normal back it has heaps of european pillows along it so that was perfect. My second option was a recliner.
  21. Yep that would be morning boob! Lol. It will slowly go away and lessen over the next couple of weeks so atleast it doesnt stick around forever.
  22. I used TCI. Am 2 weeks post op and at the moment am happy with the results so far. I agree with Melissa, firstly send in your photos and they will let you know if you are a suitable candidate. As they only do straight forward BA's, if it looks like you need a lift they will refer you to someone else. They also only use round implants, which is what i wanted, but if you are thinking of tear drops, you will need to go to a plastic surgeon.
  23. i dont know too much about post op bras but my surgeon supplied me with a carefix bella bra, and i bought an extra one also. i find them really comfy.and havent had any issues with them whatsoever. i only have the 2 post op bras, i chose not to buy any more than that because to be honest, i am pretty stingy when it comes to spending money on myself (minus the actual BA surgery lol) and wont wear them too much after the first 6 weeks anyways. I think each surgeon may be different when it comes to how many they supply and fitting them, etc, so maybe just double check?
  24. thanks april! Exactly what i wanted to know :)
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