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  1. Hellooo!! My scars are looking prettygood... pretty happy! ... how are yours after revision? X
  2. Hello! I'm after some advice haha. I had my ba done in October and got 450cc HP biggest I could get now a size dd ....definitely don't look like it naked... I'm wanting to have another ba and was thinking 650cc not sure if that's big enough.. ill go xhp I thnk..obviously I haven't booked in for another consult yet and probably wont for another few months so just wanting opinions etc Thanks
  3. Awesome buy for $10 and you look smashing ☺☺
  4. Hello!!! Its been so long since ive been on here! Very happy with my results love sleeping back on my stomach i just lie a bit further up the pillow so im not lying on them as much haha. Very happy with incisions too! Im actually looking at going bigger in 6/12 months ☺ how is eveyone else going with scars? Anyone wish they went bigger or smaller? X
  5. I had my surgery in october with dr rizk i flew to sydney... could not fault one thing he was amazing the girls were great the nurses after were too follow ups to check how u were etc... over the moon with everything!!
  6. omg glad its not just mine haha I'm so worried they aren't going to go round and stay pointy I feel like I haven't seen a heap of after photos of pointy boobs hence me being super worried w's going to stay lookin like Madonna.
  7. Helooooooo. im po day 9 ...feeling much better slowly getting there! Anyone else's boobs a bit madonna ish...please let the pointyness go away!!! Hows everyone else going?
  8. Im 5 days po and feeling tight although my arm movements are better not feeling itchy yet though..cant wait for them to drop ...so impatient!
  9. Im now 2 days po. And hurting i need help to get up! Keeping up with panadene forte.. had my first endone last night not sure if it actually did much though. We wnded up going 450cc as he didnt think incision would close properly with 505 unfortunatley. Not game to take post op bra off yet hahah
  10. I have not long landed in sydney arrival time for surgery is 12.00 omg so excited
  11. Its getting closer! Not only outfits but I'm excited for cleavage and hello side boob!!!!! Are your pre op info stating fasting from midnight?
  12. I'm in on Tuesday and I'm so glad u said u liked twilight sedation, thats what I'm having. Time can't come quick enough! Still haven't decided size my Ps is ordering 3dif sizes.
  13. Boobalicious I'm in on Tuesday! that worked out nice for you. Did you decide on your size yet?
  14. I'm roughly the same as you boobalicious we were looking at 450cc and touched on he 505 but the more Ive thought abut it I'm leaning towards the 505! Speaking to p surgeon tomorrow so hopefully I can decide!! When's your op?
  15. He did measure but since have forgotten I didn't think it was something need to remember til joining here
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