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    Townsville, qld
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    BL & BA. 400cc moderate plus round implants
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    Dr Ian Tassan 12th January 2016
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    176cms, 65kgs, deflated 12B

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  1. Ladies ! I'm 3 weeks post op after having a BL and BA. I was a deflated B .. I now have 400cc implants. I tried on a bra today and was a DD which was my goal ! But will my boobs shrink more from this 3 weeks post op stage or ??? Stay about the same ? I don't want them to go down anymore !!
  2. I'm also in the same boat!! I've changed my mind from 450 to 400 and now 375. The surgery place is getting the shits with me changing my mind ! I'm 175cms and 65kgs but am 35yo and I don't want huge tits. I wnt a D cup. I'm currently a B but don't fill it out well as in deflated (getting a lift also). im so confused !! Surgery is in 3 weeks.
  3. I've heard really amazing things about linsell. I didn't have him booked to do mine but he isn't coming to tville anymore. !!! So I had to change surgeon.
  4. Hi guys, I'm getting a BL and implant on Jan 12 here in tville but I'm still undecided on size. I'm a saggy 12B (like I don't even fill it out properly). Now i had chosen a 450cc but i think it's too big. I'm tall, 175cms and about 65kgs. Is anyone similar that is willing to share pics or give me advice. I know I want a moderate profile.. But I'd like to be about a D to DD (no bigger ! Thank u xo
  5. Looks good natty ! What size implant did u get may I ask ?
  6. What's this bloat u talk of ? Is that an after surgery thing that happens or just because u can't get to the gym etc? It's taken me a long time and a lot of sacrifice to get to the weight I'm at I don't want my time off work making me fat !!
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