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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Tavakoli, October surgery
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  1. I also went with Dr T earlier this month and couldn't be happier.. Completely agree with boobienewbie.. his work is flawless and my experience with him has been a breeze. The nurse is more than happy to help me whenever I ask advice and Dr T is always so nice and approachable at my post op appointments. Extremely professional and experienced. Highly recommend him and his team! Let us know how you go.. Good luck!
  2. I had my boobs done by Dr Tavakoli 2 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier.. I'm still a little stiff and swollen but I can already see the shape and size and they are so amazing!! Very natural looking too which is what I was hoping for. He is so experienced and answered every question I had even though I had so many. I felt so annoying but he made me feel so comfortable and picked the exact size I wanted. His staff and nurse were so nice and patient with me too. Couldn't fault his work. When are you going for your consultation? And what size do you want?
  3. I'll have to try the lemon water today! I've been eating lots of celery to help the bloating.. I'm going to upload some pics now They look funny now but I've been told i just need to be patient lol!
  4. Post op day 1! Sorry girls I've been a bit sore today I think because I slept through my reminder to have more painkillers but I'm feeling a bit better now I've had more endone just a little heavy on the chest still. I saw the nurse this afternoon and she put me into my post op bra. I have to wear that now and then maybe a stabiliser after a week or two depending on how they sit.. Im back at my hotel room for now watching movies so I can't really complain! Much better than I expected!!
  5. Thanks girls! Pics would be great :) I haven't even tried taking any pics tonight I'm a bit tender and stiff but I will try tomorrow.
  6. Hi Kura! I had my surgery today with dr Tavakoli... It went so well and although I'm really swollen now I'm so excited and happy with them. Dr T is amazing at what he does and makes you feel so comfortable and confident about what size and shape to go. His staff are so helpful and patient too it was such an easy process.. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting a BA I see his nurse tomorrow so I will update you as to how I go. He has heaps of before and after photos on his Instagram and Facebook page and website too... Goodluck!!
  7. I'm feeling really good.. Much better than I expected. Just feels like there's a brick on my chest lol. I feel really bloated too but apparently that's normal from the anaesthetic?? Otherwise I'm feeling quite good! I will try and take some selfies tomorrow to upload ?
  8. Hi girls! Had my surgery this morning with Dr Tavakoli and got back to my hotel room a little while ago. Since I've woken up I've been a bit out of it because of the meds but the nurses told me it was normal to feel a bit spacey. I was so nervous going to the hospital but I got really excited when he started drawing the lines on before I went in. The nurses are so nice there too. They gave me some cheese and crackers once I was sitting up and then my mum picked me up to take me back to hotel.. I'm going in to see the nurse at dr Tavakoli's rooms tomorrow afternoon to check up on everything. I'm so excited to have a look but I'm a bit sore to get changed so I've only had a little peek... I can't believe it's all over!! I will keep you all updated ?
  9. My pre op is today and surgery tomorrow!!! I could barely sleep last night I'm so excited!
  10. Thanks girls!! Did it hurt when you woke up? I don't know what to expect! Looking forward to just relaxing afterwards too ? Did you wake up with a bra on?
  11. Hey girls! Anyone else going with Dr Tavakoli this week? I'm going to see him on Tuesday and my surgery is on Wednesday. So excited and nervous! Flying in from Melbourne on Monday night and staying in a hotel in Woolloomalloo. The girls in his office told me the hospital would call me the day before to tell me what time to arrive there. Any advise on what to wear??
  12. I've been told to wear something easy to slip on or step into because it will be hard to move your arms at first.. maybe a maxi dress or loose button up shirt and shorts.
  13. I'm going 390cc high profile. Getting so excited only 2 more weeks to go!! Bit nervous about the pain after I hear it can feel heavy but otherwise excited to just relax at home for a week ? what date are you on?
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