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  1. Only 4 weeks to go for me (fingers crossed, I'm doing refinements now), just a quick update/progress shot for others who are thinking of doing Invisalign. I think it's absolutely been worth it for me, as much as I've had a love/hate relationship with them over the past 58 weeks!!! Pic 2 and 3 is my before photos that my orthodontist took, top pic is a few weeks ago just after starting my 10 week refinement. My bottom teeth were my biggest concern but my top 2 front teeth also crossed over a little and the one next to that was sunken a bit also. Now they're super straight and I'm really happ
  2. For anyone else struggling to find a comfy strapless, I ended up getting this one from Target, so far so good and much cheaper and more comfortable than the others I have. http://www.target.com.au/p/hidden-underwire-strapless-bra-skin-style-y22-xt/47126565
  3. @L shoot him an email and ask him about it - that way you won't get all flustered and feel awkward as it's not face to face and you can word it perfectly before sending He is excellent at responding to emails I have found and usually you'll get a reply within a few hours, even on weekends and evenings! Good luck x
  4. are these like the stick on chicken fillet looking ones or different?
  5. Thanks ladies, I'll check Target and see if I can find the one you're talking about. I think the BnT one I tried was around $50, it was the complete comfort one, I'll go back and see if there's another one similar to see if it's more comfortable.
  6. Mine is a little larger than yours which is why I guess it's over 2 surgeries - and I was told I would need skin graphs also!!!! I understand you hating it, I loathe mine too ☹️
  7. I tried this at home but I feel so nude and nippl-y and its so foreign as I wore heavily padded bras day and night before BA just to give me some shape! Ive already bought 2x expensive bras that are terrible, this could get as expensive as surgery was!
  8. I've bought 2 strapless bras recently and both are SO uncomfortable, one even felt like it caused some bruising ? Both were underwire, and both fitted for me, one at bras n things, one at Myer. I don't know if they will all be uncomfortable as I had my crease lowered slightly so I feel like the wires kind of sit on my ribs, which is what is causing the discomfort. Do I just need to wait a few more weeks, or find a new bra or will I never find a comfy one? I'm about 9 weeks post op.
  9. I have one also - have not actually come across anyone else with one before! My surgeon suggested having laser also to lessen the colour but I haven't looked into it any further. Years ago I saw a dermatologist and she suggested to leave it be as I would require 2 surgeries to remove it and she said basically it wouldn't be worth it, so I got out off looking around for another opinion. Would love to know if you decide to go ahead and how you go, I'm in Adelaide also.
  10. I am taller and heavier than you - 172cm, 58kg and had 385cc dual plane augmentation 7 weeks ago. I am a DD/E now, which sounds huge especially as I started out an A cup, but honestly I really only look about a C cup clothed. Don't be nervous about it, it will be one of the best things you'll ever do for yourself
  11. I'm really happy with the size I chose, and glad that I went to my maximum, no regrets at all here on size
  12. Stick with it Fox!!! I am on the home stretch now, have finished my initial stint and just having some refinements done now as there was a couple of areas that I wasn't 100% happy with, so I should be all finished up in 8 weeks HOO-FREAKING-RAY!!! But I completely understand what you're saying, I almost cried when I first got them, questioned what the hell I was thinking, they are a total pain in the ass but seriously when you get the results, it's more than worth it!
  13. I'm a 10E at BnT but my local shop didn't have any in my size of the removable wire ones so I ended up going to Myer. Aren't hot milk maternity bras?
  14. He said it was ok from 6 weeks but would prefer no wire, however no wire in a DD-E is near impossible to find!!
  15. I finally got to go and be fitted for new bras today - YAY!! Each pair I bought had an underwire, and I'm unsure if I should remove it, or just start getting used to having it there again after 6 weeks without it?? Wondering what everyone else did.
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