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  1. Call your surgeon they will follow it up. If your sirgery depends on your approvalmyou should wait. But if not go ahead anyway. You only get the refund once its all been paid for and the surgery is performed.
  2. Could take up to two months. Mine took that long anyway, but there was issues in getting the paperwork back to the surgeons office from medicare. If you havent heard in 4 weeks keep calling to check.
  3. This is a great help. I am not sure how i will go with the BL or BA. I dont like pain medication as it messes with my head. I even refused pain medication after my 2 c-sections because i didnt like how it made me feel mentally. Having said that I was home in 4 days after my 1st one and walking around the same day i had my 2nd. And 2 weeks after my 2nd i was jumping on a trampoline with my 2yr old for her birthday. Although i did have the use of my upper body to help me ? I also have a physically demanding job which requires the use of my arms (cook) and am worried that 2 weeks will not be eno
  4. at this stage no. i will wait to hear back from medicare before I spend anymore money on consultations. Only because the surgery is out of reach if i have to pay the entire cost myself, so would be pointless wasting more money if its possible it may not happen. I just need to be patient. I did really like Dr Anh though. She was very honest.
  5. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone can share their experiences from their operations to up to 2 weeks post op, and how their recovery went. Was there anything that helped you recover faster? Im having a BL and BA in the new year and was worried about what to expect. Especially in regards to what you can and cant do? Thanks
  6. Hi Mona76 I went for my consultation earlier this week. Apparently the situation is worse than I thought. Although Dr Anh seemed to think i could 'get away' with just implants (rather large 're-filling' ones) I would benefit from a lift also. She has advised that I may qualify for the medicare item number 45558, and has sent some pictures and measurements to their review panel. But it could be up to 2 months before we hear back. But at this stage - If i qualify for the item number my PHI will cover the hospital stay and possibly the anaethatist costs also. So I'm up for major surgery and
  7. Thank you mrsrosehiptea. How did you go with your BL and BA? What was your recovery like?
  8. Hi All, Any chance I could get some advice on which questions to ask my Plastic Surgeon at my first consultation? Its all so confusing. Im considering a BL and BA, as I was advised by TCI that I am a 'borderline' lift candidate. Please help!
  9. Hi, Im going to a female surgeon in Perth for my first consultation on the 20th this month. Where are you located?
  10. Hello Mona76 my consultation is the 20th of this month. feeling nervous, and doubting myself. (and also hoping it is affordable!)
  11. Hi Ladies, Im new to this and have booked my first consultation with Dr Anh Nguyen in Perth for a possible BA, after being told by TCI i am a borderline lift candidate. Just wondering if anyone has gone to see her and if they have could they share their experience? I have preference to see a Female surgeon, only because of my own insecurities. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou in advance.
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