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  1. I had bad bruising. I think as long as it doesnt spread it is ok. My surgeon drew an outline around my bruises so he could see if they were getting worse or better each day
  2. im pretty sure its the space between your nipple and your crease
  3. thats the plan! I went to bras and things to buy bras and bathers and left with nothing!! a dd fits my left nicely and an e fits my right nicely. In saying that i can wear an e and get away with it but when it comes to bathers noone wants gaping bathers on one side!
  4. To be honest i didnt notice it because i was virtually flat anyway and my surgeon said there was assymetry but it wasnt significant to warrant different sized implants. The size of my breasts were smaller than the size of the difference between the left and the right if that makes sense? The assymetry was apparantly insignificant to warrrant two different sized implants. I got 380cc in both sides.
  5. Hi ladies For those who wanted me to keep you updated, i have received a response from a surgeon on the forum saying that everyone has assymetry and its up to me if i want it fixed or not. He believes the singulair wont do much now if anything at all and that the fix would be to get a larger implant in the left. My surgeon has previously told me when i asked if this would fix the problem that the difference isnt big enough for a bigger implant! Feel like banging my head against a wall!!
  6. Thanks AMGreaves for your help, however I didnt go through TCI
  7. No i am right handed but have carried 3 kids on my left side on and off for the last 9 years. I had a post op bra with a built on strap that i wore for months and i also did massage everyday but he asked me to stop when i started singulair He said the capsule hasnt contracted but hes concerned it may. Wouldnt it be better to just fix it before it got too bad?!!!!!
  8. They are xhp 380 rounds Personally i think my right (left in photo) is the normal one. Ive had no probs with it ever but my left (right in photo) has given me grief from the start. He thinks it may be taking longer to settle because of a tight capsule. Im trying to post it in the ask a surgeon part but it keeps saying i need to agree to the terms first. Does anyone know how to because i cant find how to!
  9. That is my gut feeling Donatella. Why would he not just say so and do it now rather than make me wait. Do you think i just need a bigger implant on the left to even it out?
  10. Thanks for the feedback And thanks moderator, i will do that. I am definately not willing to name my surgeon right now. He has gone above and beyond in my aftercare and is very helpful. He has not once said that he wont fix them if he needs to, he just wants me to give it more time. I was told pre op that 6 to 12 months is the time to give for end results so im not technically there yet. I am not willing to potentially ruin his reputation over something that is possibly not even surgeons error. I am not a very patient person, and while he is teaching me patience i feel another 6 months is t
  11. Haha everything thats been said on here has already been said to my surgeon. Hes seen this photo. He just wants me to wait it out.
  12. Thanks Milena I would like a revision but the surgeon wants to give it another 6 months to improve.
  13. Hey em. My surgeon is not in sydney x He also hasnt refused to fix them, he just wants to give it time to see if surgery can be avoided i think x
  14. Aljen can i ask what your complications were? And did you pay a full breast augment price ?
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