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  1. Thats alot of money for only 30min worth of treatment. I doubt teeth can whiten so much in that small window. Get other quotes.
  2. Critical nerves have been cut. Don't think it will ever recover. if it was hours post op, the local anesthetic would still be in progress, but one week, yeh, looks like its permanent.
  3. Any general practitioner can do cosmetic surgery. Any Tom, *****, and Harry being a Dr, can start cosmetic surgery, and brand themselves a cosmetic surgeon. Plastic surgeons are the cream of the crop. They are the most experienced, just google the difference between the two as there wouldn't be enough time to describe the two disciplines.
  4. I would get a 2nd opinion. You cant live like that, knowing their different sizes. Your surgeon is infact dusting you under the carpet, got his money, see ya, bye bye, job was done. Whos next. I guess you cant fit a smaller implant in a huge cleared space breast cavity. Only way to fix this issue is revision surgery to install a bigger size implant to suit the size of the right breast, no brainer. Good luck.
  5. Fact is, the right breast is significantly larger than the left. No amount of time will rectify this. Your surgeon is buying time by saying, come in 9 months bla bla bla. This is a strategy so you get used to them and forget the issue (acclimatizing) etc. As spottydog said already, you must act, and show that your highly unsatisfied of the size difference. Looks like you need revision surgery to fit a bigger implant in the left breast, AT THEIR EXPENSE! If they dont see the problem and refuse to perform revision surgery to fix the unequal breast sizes, you will need to sue them. No iffs or butts. Goodluck.
  6. I would reccomend Dr Tang anyday of the week.
  7. Right side looks lower than left.
  8. I would be extremely depressed if i had those unequal size breasts after surgery. I can see what your friend is going through. If i were in her shoes, i'd walk straight to the surgeon, lift up my shirt and say, "do you see anything wrong here".
  9. these days, you have to do your homework before you shop.
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