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    BA 440cc dual plane, tear drop, high profile blended to sit natural not high. Under the muscle.
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    Dr M 8th September 2015 Bondi Junction
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    169cm/74kgs/training cup 40 grams

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  1. I went 440cc and they are a perfect size, I started with 40grams. I'm 15 days post op. Good luck
  2. Hello I'm 14 post op an also got the 440cc and feel exactly the same. Can't wait to go back to normal.
  3. I'm finding week two I'm still restricted with any lifting using my arms. Also feeling a bit sore around the stitches.
  4. Glad to hear all going well. I'm finding my side boob is so sore to touch. Also the stitches area feels very sore tonight. I was wondering if due to healing. How are you?
  5. I'm the same the side boob is so painful. I'm 13 days post op and the area around my stitches is quite sore. Is anyone else feeling this I wasn't sure if it's repairing.
  6. I follow the macros IIFYM food which I love you. Yes I also have done goals in place. good luck I love to fowling people on the same journey..
  7. Neither am I lots ahead to compete for next May or Oct depends how soon I can return to training. how often do you work out? You would be surprised what your body is capable of doing.
  8. before my BA last week I started training for my fitness comp I understand the stress relief. Driving me insane ?
  9. Dr M is awesome he is like the God of breast ?
  10. You poor thing feeling that pain. I will have to keep done endive I case the same things hsppened. I find little tight feeling around my scares underneath. Well done on returning to you sessions. I can't wait. I'm 9days post op. Did treadmill today just moving legs. Cardio for s hour please shoot me lol
  11. OMG I just read your story I feel so terrible for you that you have had to go through all this. Have you had any further contact with the dr?
  12. I would have to say the first few days are go tripled by drugs but don even I stopped them at 7 days I feel the tightness and I feel like my bra is sitting right on my tape which is painful.
  13. How exciting I'm 9 days post op and I love them. Hope those pain killers kick in for the night. What size did you go? The whole sleeping on your back is the worst. How exciting with your op tomorrow hope all goes well. Honestly I think it's so professionally done and I felt in great hands last week with dr M.
  14. Trust him he is the best in 8 days post op and the experience was priceless. Very happy with my new boobs ??
  15. I had my BA op 8 days ago on the 8th with Dr M he is honestly the best in his field. My first consult was over the phone back in July and I booked ASAP. I went down in the Monday 7th and had my sizing. He is great really makes you comfortable and suggest things to customise to you. We stayed on the 4th floor at Bondi junction quest his office is in the 7th floor. The hospital rang be that arvo to tell me to be at East Private hospital at 11am next day. It's 8kms away. All the staff were amazing especially with pain relief as I told them not good with it. I left the hospital at 6pm they rang my husband once I was sat in a recliner. They even organise for your pain relief to be paid on your credit card and delivered straight to you before you leave. I had my nurses a lot the next day again just upstairs and travelled 2.5 hours home. I returned to work 6 days after at a desk feeling a bit tender today as stopped my needs and from sitting all day at my desk. Don't delay it will be the best thing ever. I never thought I would look at my own boobs in the mirror as much ??
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