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  1. Hi Ladies! best Revision Surgeon Sydney Please - Cost is an issue had 2nd BA 4 years ago (1st were too high so same Dr “fixed” them) My current implants are under muscle, have muscle flex deformity and they are still a bit high and they are polyurethane covered so high risk of rare cancer (although risk is minimal). i want them out and want over the muscle round implants... (been advised by a surgeon I had consult with) Any advice appreciated x
  2. Im sure this question has been asked many times so apologies! I've had filler injected in my lips for years now, my last two visits I have been very unhappy with the results and would love some advice from another injector! Could you please recommend the BEST lip injectors in Sydney! I'm after someone who takes time & care to ensure the best shape & results are achieved! Thanks you!!
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