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  1. One month . Wouldn't do earlier
  2. I think I waited about a month from my consultation
  3. i think we just get paranoid sometimes , iv thought it too
  4. Cozzie

    Becca's BA

    Congrats and hope recovery goes smoothly
  5. How far along would you be to wanna jump off waterfalls ?
  6. That's awesome Jen , glad to hear everything is great 
  7. Congrats shea83 hope you have a smooth recovery
  8. Dr h told me 2 weeks post op what you see is what you get in shape and visual , they will go soft though but the side boob isn't going to move if you have brazillians
  9. Rose2704 i have accepted your FR  and I knew I wanted to go tear as I just like that shape better and you can still achieve round looking boobs with tear shapes , you'll see in my pics that they look roundish. Xxxx
  10. I finally got sized up today , 5 weeks post op and went into bras n things . So I'm a 8 dd or a 10 d from having 360 cc implants brought 3 wireless bras which I can tell you feels awesome to wear one and I can finally hide my massive sensitive nipples!!! Dr h took my post op photos and said my scars look great and I probes don't need to use bio oil if I don't want to . I asked about Botox and Jen Jen I think I might age gracefully or wait another 10 yrs at least
  11. My surgery went great !! Dr h really made the day such a easy time for me !! Normally I'd be all anxious but he made me feel like I was in great hands ! My results look great , I'm not sore any more unless I pickup really heavy things to often ( daughter) I love my shape and I like how my side bbob looks as that was important to me ! I'm getting my post op pics taken tomorrow for dr h and yeah everything is good , I can sleep on my tummy again now and actually I still haven't been sized up yet . I have a bras n things voucher so tomorrow I might go and see what size I am haha ! Take care xx
  12. Haha isn't that great that you don't feel like you have rocks on your chest xx
  13. I agree with Jen Jen , your boobs look great , natural looking ... If I was you I'd keep what you have I think you look sexy
  14. I see dr h tomorrow so I'll ask him for you as I'm wondering myself as I have a pool at home and often lay out on the deck
  15. Hi i Personally would use the natural sun but dr h told me don't get them burnt for at least 3 weeks , good luck xx
  16. Have hp and heaps of side boob
  17. See dr h next week for 5 week photos
  18. I can't help thinking if you sent a photo we would all say stay the way you are even though we all altered our bodies .
  19. How exciting girl !! Not long now ... Your going to love them .......best wishes for tomorrow xx
  20. If you are lifting items that heavy at least 6 weeks they say other wise you might hurt yourself ! My son weighs 32 kg and I had to carry him at 5 weeks post op and that night my whole chest wall was in heaps of pain . Had to take pain killers and I'm under the muscle
  21. Cozzie

    Fillers/ Botox

    Yeah well I'm 33 so the lines are just gonna keep getting worse 
  22. Cozzie

    Fillers/ Botox

    I know dr h does fillers nor sure if he does Botox ! I'll ask when I see him next too xx
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