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  1. I googled Slough and I think it is that and not pus. Will defs make a gp appointment to get it cleaned out and looked at!!
  2. it isn't hot so that's good! Scab fell off a few days ago. Still waiting for him to reply, wishing it would hurry up and heal! I'm so impatient haha. Yeah, I was surprised when I didn't have a 1 week post op appt, and didn't see him until 3 weeks and then didn't get a call to schedule a 6 week appointment
  3. I had the dressesings on for the first 3 weeks and then my surgeon said it was fine to leave them with nothing on them I definetly feel that they need to work on after care!! Hopefully your boobs even out xx
  4. I did and I'm not 100% happy with my results. Really bad scaring, stretch marks and no aftercare! Happy with the shape of my boobs and that's about it. Feel like once you have paid and had the surgery then they don't care anymore.
  5. Hey ladies, I'm almost 7 weeks post op and my right scar is not right. I have a massive hole above my actual incision which just isn't healing. It was all scabbed over for 6 weeks and it fell off and looks like this now? I've tried to talk to my surgeon about it but he thinks "the look great" which they do not!! He told me that he thought the scab was just a bruise! also, that weird pimple looking thing feels like a stitch poking into my skin, I've had it for 3 weeks now and it really hurts when I touch it and I can feel something under the skin. Is that normal? Also, I've got really bad stretch marks and I'm using Vit E cream twice a day and have been since 6 weeks pre op. Any tips? Just feeling so down about my boobs, love the shape of them but they are covered in stretch marks and my scars are so ugly feeling like I made a bad choice with my surgeon cause he doesn't seem to care. Also, how many post op appointments did you girls have? I've only had 1 and it was at 3 weeks post op, does that seem normal? And I haven't been contacted to schedule any more. Really feeling neglected !
  6. Here's a better photo and a photo of the other side to compare, I'm waiting for him to reply
  7. My surgeon I'll send him a picture now! Hopefully it's okay
  8. It's like a big scab, it's not oozing or anything but. I saw my doctor on Monday and he didn't say anything about it but he was really rushed.
  9. Hey ladies, does this look normal to you guys? My right boob scar looks different to my left and not sure if I should get it looked at! I'm 3 weeks and 3 days post op sorry if this grosses anyone out!! xx
  10. I hope that 6 weeks goes quick! I love how they look already but don't love how they feel!
  11. I'm 4 days post op and just wondering how long it took for you girls to feel comfortable with your boobs and for them to feel apart of your body and for you to like forget that they are there? They just feel like big foreign objects to me right now and it's kinda uncomfortable!! And I also have shooting pains up the sides from nerves so that's not helping!
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