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    Breast augmentation/reconstruction surgery.
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    Dr Cary kailis, Initial Consultation Oct 21
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  1. 36 years?! May I ask why you changed them or if you changed them? To those who asked, that anxious feeling is still not gone when I think about having to go through more surgeries in future BUT it's no longer on my mind 24/7 and I have had the opportunity to enjoy them a lot more now. Yes actually I've had rippling too but only when I lay on my side can I feel it. The surgeon said that was fine and normal but didn't really explain why but I imagine it's because they need a little flexibility and if they were completely full and firm they wouldn be more likely to rupture or something.
  2. Hey Hun, I got overs and I do believe they soften quicker than under the muscle but be patient, you're not the first person to worry about this ? I'm sure a lot of girls are wondering the same thing. According to everything I've read, saline feel less real than silicon (I thought it would be the opposite!) but it does take time. I'm 6 weeks post op, still extremely high and still fairly firm but in no pain.. Ask your surgeon if you should try massaging them to help? Also, sorry he hurt your feelings, men don't seem to realise the effect of what they say. Your breasts will still be changing for awhile yet, some women take a year to see the final result of their augmentation. Be positive and be happy! Your breasts will be soft and wonderful before you know it!
  3. Thank you to you beautiful girls so much. I'm a terrible worrier and the initial surgery terrified me and then I got to being terrified of future surgeries even though I know it's irrational. Yes I've told myself I am not to google ANYTHING tomorrow and just let it be. I'm also getting off my contraceptive pill, I was slightly depressed before surgery as well and it wasn't until someone told me to get my hormones checked that I recall getting a stronger contraceptive and I don't think I was this hard to deal with before. Honestly ladies, I don't know where I'd be without this forum. Signing out for the night. Xx
  4. That's what I worried about. I don't think I could go through the anxiety of the surgery again. Don't get me wrong, they look great and all is going well so far, but I'm regretting doing it. I have become so depressed I'm ready to seek medical help.
  5. May I ask if complications are the reason you've had them done twice? I don't think I could go under the knife again, I was a total wreck last time. I have read nearly everywhere that no implant on the market will last a lifetime and I specifically spoke to the surgeon about this as it was the make or break of the deal. I have natrelle 415cc.
  6. Okay ladies, I had my BA about 2 weeks ago, I had tuberous breasts before and this was the only way to correct this issue for me. After dealing with these horrible boobs since 13 I decided to take the plunge and go for it. Now I've had it done I've fallen victim to doctor google and I've read things published this year how breast implants are ticking time bombs and can literally make women so ill they're on their death bed. It's frightening to say the least. I feel like I may have made a terrible mistake now they're in. Not to mention the anxiety and panic attacks before surgery because I have a fear of surgery in general. I don't want to have to go through that again!! I was told by my surgeon the the cohesive gel filled implant would be safe even if ruptured. But now I'm second guessing and wondering if everything said was truthful. Hoping for some kind words and good experiences.
  7. Thanks for the quick response and sorry about the quotes, I'm on my phone and it has a mind of its own! I find that I feel much better about it in the mornings but at night I stress about the GA and worry I won't wake up and no matter how safe I realise it is and how happy (and alive) everyone is I can't help myself but to stress ?
  8. Hey chick, you may not check this as it was a few weeks ago but if you do.. I had my consult on the 21st Oct and my surgery is on Wednesday. I have both nipples pierced AND im having an areola incision. My surgeon said he won't even need to take them out but if he does he will put them in again. I guess all surgeons are different but I did make it a point to ask at consult as should you otherwise when you get to surgery you won't know what to expect. Best of luck x
  9. Hi guys, sorry to intrude so late into the conversation! My op is on Wednesday and I'm terrified! I got some waterproof anti bacterial patches (has a silver bit to stop infection) the surgeon didn't tell me to buy these but thought they'd be great for keeping stitches dry in the shower and also using your hairbrush trick to scratch haha. Were any of you ladies absolutely terrified of going under the general anaesthetic? I woke up in a panic last night about it.
  10. Did anyone suffer from depression after surgery? I've heard it's quite common but I want to be excited not down..
  11. His prices is the only reason id ever be able to afford it, have had a few quotes all for well above 10,000. Unfortunately they upped the price by 200 after I booked my consultation but that's nothing in comparison. Thank you I'm so pleased you were home same day, I'm hoping to be able to get in early too. Just curious, how long was it after your consultation and before your surgery? Also did you organise the day of your surgery at the consult? I'm booked in for consult on Oct 21. Also what method of payment did you use? Can I pay on the day of consultation or..? Forgive me for the questions I want to be as prepared as possible. THanks again!
  12. Thanks for the responses ladies and glad to hear mostly good things post surgery, I've officially got my consultation on the 21st October, just my luck though they've recently upped the price haha. I Know there are plenty of forums here talking about constricted breasts which is what I believe I have a mild case of (and small boobalitus) and have had the ladies at Dr kailis clinic confirm he has had a fair bit of experience in that field. As I've saved for a very long time for this I'm a little concerned I'm going to be a bit shocked at the price and fall short but I'm going in positive (:
  13. Heya everyone, I've been reading through everything I can find before booking a consult with Dr Kailis.. I did read some posts on another thread speaking of their hospital experience and it came across that it was an over night stay? I was hoping I'd be in and out same day granted no complications arose, could someone clarify this for me? I'd obviously have my partner drive me home and such.. For those who have actually used Dr Kailis, which hospital does he use? I couldn't find much info on the bodyworx website and I feel like such a pain emailing since I've already done so twice. Thanks in advance x
  14. Hey everyone! I know this post was a while ago but I'm hoping to get a reply. I've been reading through everything I can find before booking a consult with Dr Kailis.. I did read some posts speaking of their hospital experience and it came across that it was an over night stay? I was hoping I'd be in and out same day granted no complications arose, could someone clarify this for me?
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