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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Miroshnik, 09/08/2012
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    10AA, 159CM, 50KGS

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  1. Yep! Definitely wouldn't take less than 2 weeks. It took 2 full weeks to fully recover where I felt back to normal again... I still refrained my lifting and lifting my arms pass my shoulders
  2. Awwwww! I hated this feeling.. Go to the chemist And buy some laxatives.. The one I bought I think is called coloxyl
  3. Mine were under and you'll need someone with you for 2 days max to help you get out of bed
  4. Congratulations Elle!! I'm sure many ladies out there would be grateful to hear your experience. Dr M is absolutely fab!!! Hope recovering is going well for you
  5. I'm exactly 159cm's (Why couldn't I just be given the extra cm!), 54KGS, was a -A Cup, got 350cc furry brazilians under the muscle. Everyone says they're perfect for my body shape but if I could go back I would of gotten one size bigger. BUUUUUT I'm very happy with my size
  6. Hay there! Definitely recommended dr M as I had my BA done by him 4ish months ago and they are looking and feeling fantastic! Easy to talk to, wonderful staff and results.
  7. Jenlevi Trust me I'm not a staff member, feel free to go through my blog. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. Take or leave it, I'm just very happy with my outcome of the surgery
  8. I have Feel free to go through my blog where I blogged about my entire experience Overall, I would do it again!
  9. Hi Ash84! I had my BA done by Dr M 3 months ago and he was AMAZING! Don't let the photos fool you, at first I did want to go with Mr T cause of his photos then a colleague of mine is friends with the nurse that assists Dr M and has assured me that there has been 0 complications. When you consult with Dr M or any surgeon make sure you have a list of what you want to be answered. Tell Dr M what you're ideally looking for i.e. naturally look, fuller chest etc and he'll recommend the right thing. 3 months later for me, everything is looking very natural and I would go through it all again with Dr M.
  10. Don't forget plenty of big fluffy pillows ladies! It's a tad difficult getting out of bed/the couch for the first few days...
  11. Hi Vicki Hope you're excited!!! Yes, for some odd reason (maybe I was too excited to pay any attention) but no-one has advised me about purchasing laxatives after my surgery. So 3 days after my surgery I realised my tummy was going huge!! Anyways, I don't want to ramble, just make sure you get the strongest one As the medication you're prescribed with after surgery will be very strong. Good luck!!
  12. My recovery was pretty speedy. I'd say at the 2nd week you will be able to get back to work. The first 2days you would need somewhere there with you, around week 1 you would be able to drive again ... etc.
  13. LOVE mine Wouldn't of wanted it any other way
  14. I have furry brazilians too and I LOVE them!!! I go them for two reasons, one being they don't move as I have teardrops and if you're athletic and always on the move the Brazilians are great as they don't move
  15. Hey Minxy!! Sorry, didn't see this till now. Well I was a very small A and wanted a VERY natural look. I didn't want to go for the fake look so I went for a 350cc and I already thought that was too big (before my surgery) and just the other day I was thinking if I should of gone bigger or not haha. But I am VERY happy with what he has done, they looked SO natural from Day 1. I cannot name any faults what-so-ever... I think it'll be good to bring a friend with you as he puts the post-op bra on you and puts inplants in it so you really know what you look like with fake boobs and it's always best to get a second opinion Yes! Let me know how you and if you have any other questions I will be MORE than happy to answer :) xx
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