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    Dr Thanakom, PIAC June 2016
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  1. Hi there Brisbaneboobjob. I think I personally would be on the phone to the Dr and asking for an appointment and antibiotics... It looks very red and angry. Would someone be there tomorrow?
  2. Hi everyone, just wondering who is going on the June 2016 Phuket group tour with Somnio Medical ?
  3. I'm doing my research for June 2016. If your having surgery done in Bangkok I'm unable to help, sorry... All the best
  4. caterpillar, Somnio still haven't come through with pictures or given me a "log in" to access their "before & afters"..... The PIAC website has some "before & after's" that I have been looking at.
  5. I had the ZOOM whitening done with Sea Smile in Patong. Scale, clean , whitening and home bleaching kit with 2 tubes . $384 AUS (at time of appointment) or 11500tbh. I got this quote from Dr Thanakom.
  6. Princess Jasmine, These binders come in 9" and 12". I had the ruler out yesterday... lol Thanks so much for your help !!! I have my head around all this now and feeling much more confident. Compression garments and Lymphatic massage DONE !
  7. Hi there, Try Somnio medical. They do procedures from PIAC in Phuket and also Bangkok. They have just signed up with another hospital in Bangkok too. I'm going through Somnio myself for a June group tour. The girls have been good but slow at responding etc. Yes I agree with before and after, I'll do mine in May before I leave ... lol
  8. Princess Jasmine, I'm having a Breast Revision done. Currently have 340cc (10 DD-E) going for 450cc implants. I found these on the Marena US website. The "binder" is a 9" 3 split panel binder. You could adjust to the shape of your own abdomen I'm thinking ? The Bra has adjustable straps and zipper front.
  9. I was thinking loose dresses. Comfortable and light for the humidity. Easy to wash and quick to dry. I found this bodysuit online. I was thinking of getting 2 or 3 then my boobs and belly is compressed. Only having the abdominal lipo, no thighs.
  10. Hi. Sounds like you have been recovering well. Can I ask, what type of compression garment did you use for the lipo? I'm going over next June for BA revision and abdominal Vaser lipo . I have been looking and reading online to try and get my head around everything. I was thinking of a few "bodysuit" type CG's for more comfort and easier to go to the loo etc. I have read also about having lymphatic massages. Your post has been the only post that has written about massage after Liposuction! Thanks
  11. Hi VenomVixen ! They should give you an icepack tomorrow during the procedure . Take a little bit of makeup to cover up the "Pin Pricks" and some panadol before you get there. All good ! Remember to do the squints afterwards to get the botox kicking. Happy Botox ! ps: It's very addictive !!! lol
  12. Newster, I'm similar in the "jelly belly" myself. I've lost 10kgs (current weight 58kg) but can't shift that belly fat ! I had my consult with Dr Thanakom and have seen some before and afters on TT done by him. He draw all over my stomach and wrote on it how much fat he would be sucking out and everything !!! lol Dr T said that the Vaser is better for the body and faster recovery compared to traditional Lipo. Laser liquifies the fat and therefore the cannula required is much smaller.I have to keep him updated with weight loss and he suggested doing more exercising prior to June 2016 surgery. I've asked Somnio for some before and after LIPO photos 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting.... Lymphatic drainage massage apparently is a must too ???
  13. Thanks PJG. What's the GO with Aussie Surgeon's ??? I had a consult with a Surgeon from Sydney. He said I needed a type 2, TT with my belly button moved and 2 area's of lipo at the cost of $16000.00 !!!! I've had 3 consults with Dr's from PIAC from Phuket and all 3 have advised my of lipo. I was looking at a "bodysuit" compression garment as I'm getting a BA done as well. I need to be as comfortable as possible or I'll scream.... Booked in for June in Thailand. I'll stay in the room with the A/C on 24/7, so that I can handle the uncomfortable compression garments and ready for Aussie Summer !
  14. Gabby1. 340cc was the most I could handle 10 years ago being so skinny. Now with weight gain and now the 10E looks like a sad 10C. Nice and soft and saggy now. The girls head East and West when laying down and hide under the armpits. lol We always want BIGGER !
  15. I wore Water bra's and just requested time off on a Friday or Monday to give me a long weekend for appointments in Sydney. Cysts are a common thing for women and surgery would be a good white lie. Having a male boss you don't want him staring are the new girl's instead of your face. My boss was amazing when I had mine done 10 years ago. He actually asked me a lot of questions and asked if I needed more time off to recovery, as I only had 7 days off. I work for myself now and getting a revision BA next year. Consider wearing the most "unflattering" tops for work until your feeling comfortable within yourself and working environment. Best of Luck !
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