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  1. MrsH15

    Dissolvable stitches not dissolved

    the end was causing it to become more irritated!! I had been trimmed previously and the lack of assitance from my surgeon left me with no choice to be honest! He has said since I'm healed it won't make a difference now yes it was so irritating!! It had turned almost to a blister with the rubbing and now Iv pulled it out its so much better!! Glad to hear I'm not the only one though haha and I know the say to trim but no idea how people attempt that as I can't see underneath my own boob let alone line scissors up to do it myself!!!
  2. MrsH15

    Dissolvable stitches not dissolved

    I'm 4 weeks post op and completely healed this pushed though. Iv rang again today and she just said to watch for infection!! So annoyed to be honest
  3. hey ladies has anyone else has the 'dissolvable' stitches not dissolve? Yesterday I woke with a small weeping hole so couldn't wear the post op bra as it was really stinging! By night there was the tip of a stitch poking out so of course I pulled!!! Around 5-6cm of stitching came out! I should add I spoke to the surgeon when I first noticed and the said its just a pimple or something not related to the augmentation! Pic attached of some of the bits I pulled out
  4. MrsH15

    Size Does Matter!

    Hey there size is so tricky! I'm 167cm and 53kg so not too different to your size I went with 440cc mod profile unders and they aren't huge by any means
  5. MrsH15

    The attention big boobies draw

    Suffering a major case of boob greed today! Donatella yours are amazing!!! So jealous
  6. MrsH15

    September 2015 boobies!

    So glad I'm not the only one suffering boobie greed 😏 really wishing I'd gone bigger but my surgeon had said it would have been a squeeze!
  7. MrsH15

    September 2015 boobies!

    Hahahah yes poor hubby had to lift me out!! Thank god he managed otherwise I'd be stuck there 😂
  8. MrsH15

    September 2015 boobies!

    oh yes this morning I felt abit better until I had to get out of bed!! Anyone else really struggling with getting up?
  9. MrsH15

    September 2015 boobies!

    yes she was so cute I think the were sponge bob hahaha. Iv taken until the 3rd of October off as I work in a nursing home. I know I was super jealous you were sat up with awesome boobs while I looked like crap and spewed hahaha x
  10. MrsH15

    September 2015 boobies!

    yes I threw up half the day!!! So bad!! Yours looked amazing!! I know was great he completely calmed my nerves before I went it!! I'm definitely keeping up with drugs today too Iv been using an ice pack too which is helping with the swelling!! Though I think the swelling especially in my cleavage is making them look a lot more flat so fingers crossed it settles soon!! All the best with your recovery and keep me updated on how they are going xxx
  11. MrsH15

    September 2015 boobies!

    I had mine done yesterday feeling sore today but not too bad! Did anyone else have loads of cleavage swelling? Mine is terrible
  12. MrsH15

    Freaking that my boobs will be too big!

    Definitely not too big I'm 167cm and 51kg and got 440cc mod unders done today!! They don't feel massive
  13. MrsH15

    September 2015 boobies!

    oh really are you loving the size?? So many girls say to go bigger or you will regret it!!
  14. MrsH15

    September 2015 boobies!

    yes 9.30!!! I'm going 44occ moderate rounds under the muscle! In a panic reading the forums that I should have gone bigger
  15. MrsH15

    September 2015 boobies!

    Sarahsnewboobs just found this this morning I'm also booked for dr Kailis on the 19th 😁😁😁