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    BA, 400cc HP unders
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    Craig Rubinstein, 21st Oct 2015
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    172cm, 56kgs, 10B deflated

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  1. Time4me

    Boob selfie!

    Sorry I'm not on here often. They are 400cc
  2. Im thinking of seeing Dr. Nafiye Gultekin fir my first botox for frown lines. Anyone who has seen her & any comments?
  3. Craig is awesome. Trusted him completely. Id rather pay a bit more & feel comfortable with end result
  4. I am a Rubenstein girl. Natural looking result that i am happy with but definitely wish he let me go much bigger
  5. Time4me

    Mirkazemi or Rubenstein...

    I had mine done by Rubenstein. He gave me a nice result. Send me a friend request if you would like to see pics
  6. Time4me

    Borderline lift before and afters?

    I was borderline lift & had BA only. 400cc. I was a 10b & now a 10dd. Send me a friend request if you would like to see pics. Im happy but wish i went bigger 😝
  7. My eyebrows are out of control! I have tried waxing & threading & they grow back in a few days. They are black & thick hairs. They constantly look dirty. I am hoping for recommendations on a good place for electrolysis in melb. Im from essendon area. Any feedback on experiences would be greatly appreciated
  8. Time4me

    Vectra Pics

    I hated my vectra pics as well. They look nothing like them. Thank god!
  9. Time4me

    Stretch Marks

    I have developed a few small stretch marks on one boob. They appeared around the 4-5 mth mark. They are not too bad but im using bio oil. I dont want anymore
  10. I am almost 6 mths post op & wondering if much fluffing happens after this. Im still hoping for more to occur
  11. Time4me

    help! aunt flow has arrived & surgery tomorrow

    I had mine at the time of surgery also. It was ok. Dont stress. You will be so excited to have the BA over & done with that you wont care whats going on down there lol
  12. Maybe your husband is feeling a little insecure now that you have a sexy pair of boobs. Women have the right to be confident & not take any bullshit. A good marriage is hard work. Make time for each other & let him adjust to your new image as well. He should be proud that his wife cares about her appearance.
  13. Craig did mine & is great but he only does the natural look. He is conservative with size. I tried to ask for bigger but he really does not like big sizes as he believes you run into more problems. He is not into the fake look
  14. Dr. Rubenstein is great. He only does the natural look. He is fairly conservative with size, so it depends how big you would like to go. I would of liked bigger but he was very thorough & professional. Trusted him completely & got a nice result.