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  1. No, revision post-op day 3. Original surgery 2 years ago.
  2. Hi ladies 2 years post op and I have had a revision. Mainly because I wasn't 100% happy with the outcome from the initial surgery - size was fine but I always felt the shape wasn't natural and I had too much upper pole for them to look like natural breasts. I started with next to no breast tissue so also felt they were way too firm. Im wondering for those that have had a revision, how long until the breasts dropped into the final position? I presume it should be faster than the initial surgery but how soon can I expect to see the final result? I haven't changed the size of the implants. thanks! ❤
  3. I'm so sorry to hear that ☹️ Hope you're doing okay now!
  4. Hi lovely how are up faring now? Sounded like a scary way to need a revision! Ive just had a revision and am waiting to see the results
  5. Wow they look amazing!!! Do they feel soft? What type of implants did you get?
  6. Hun I had zero pole anywhere pre surgery lol ? Just had one last week and he just said to wait and see if they settle a bit more.....
  7. Aw that's so nice of you to say KittenLover! That's also useful research to hear about, I think I do much prefer the no lower pole option to having a saggy look, I do like the level of upper pole I have now so I guess you can't have it all! Maybe I'm just being overly crazy critical because I keep staring at it and focussing on that unevenness.
  8. They're unders.....they're a bit wonky looking though which bothers me even more than the lack of lower pole. Sigh.
  9. Hi ladies Seeking your advice! I'm growing concerned that mine are looking a bit uneven now at 5 months post op. I would have thought they would be reasonably settled by now? I get the sense this is most of the dropping by now? Also still no lower pole?? They're just not that rounded teardrop shape at the bottom and kind of just point forward still. And still so firm! I have 300cc HP teardrops. thoughts? Feeling a bit sad!
  10. Yup just under four months now and I still get tender or super itchy nipples now and again!
  11. Hi girls happily recovering and all my previous little concerns have all resolved with dropping and fluffing i had very minimal breast tissue to start with (10AA) and got 300cc teardrop unders (now measuring 10DD! Yay!) Wanting to know how long it takes to develop that natural looking lower pole? I'm still impatiently waiting for them to soften as they're still so firm, but they look reasonably natural front on, just on the side there still isn't that natural breast shape. Much appreciate everyone's thoughts! X
  12. Haha I'm dyingggggg to see some jiggle with mine soon!
  13. Me too - office job and I'd say the first three days were pretty awful but by day 5-6 I was pretty happy moving around the house. I think a week is fine if you're basically just sitting at a computer all day.
  14. hrmmm...wow 9-12 months to wait for them to be soft! damn it...oh well...at least they LOOK like normal boobs now at almost 3 months..=)
  15. Post-op week 13 now! Looking better and better, however I am still waiting for more dropping as the breast is yet to go over the fold to cover the scar. How long before you started to really notice them soften and feel more like natural real boobs? Mine are looking great (still no lower pole yet) but still feel so rock hard! I had mentor textured cohesive gel implants which I know are a bit firmer...but realllllllllly hoping they get a lot softer...:( Does the implant itself soften at all, or is it really just your breast muscle/tissue around stretching and that's what softens rather than the implant itself doing anything...??
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