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    BA 425cc hp unders
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    30th December 2015
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    174cm, 73kg

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  1. I'm 3 weeks post op today and my left is also slightly larger than the right. I'm just keeping in mind there are still alot of changes to come.
  2. I'm almost 3 weeks post op i had my ba with Dr Lim and had a great experience and love my new boobs. Obviously i still have a long way to go with them settling in but i love them already. ?
  3. I'm 2 weeks post op from a straight forward ba with Dr Lim he was great and I'm very happy with my results. Both doctors have great before and after pics but yes definitely go with your gut.
  4. Every surgeon definitely is different i had to take my tapes of at 2 weeks and start with the bio oil and wear soft sports crops for 4-6 weeks. It does feel weird to not have anything on my incisions but they do look like they are healing nicely.
  5. Just wondering when you completely felt yourself again after your BA. I'm currently 13 days post op (early i know) loving my new boobs i have been feeling pretty good and sleeping well and already getting past that morning boob pain. Its just when going out lately to the shops or anything like that i start to feel a little sick and get a headache and start feeling like i need to run to the bathroom like a really over whelming feeling. Is this normal i mean i feel perfectly fine one minute but the next i feel absolutely horrible has anyone else felt this way.
  6. @rachael1981 i feel fine like i could pick up my youngest who is 1 he is abit of a heavy boy the doctor told me he would like me to wait the 3 weeks but said next week i should be ok. I had to put him in and out of his cot today as the husband wasn't home and i was fine. Just need to be super careful and slow.
  7. I'm 9 days post op 170cm tall and 73kg i just got 425cc hp unders that was the biggest i was allowed to go i originally did want to go 500 but wasn't allowed. I don't feel to big at all i love the size but wish i could of gone the 500 as i am pretty tall and have the broad shoulders aswell. You won't regret it its the best thing i have ever done for myself.
  8. I'm currently 9 days post op i also have 2 children 1 & 3. My husband was home with me for the first week and thank god he was because the antibiotics didn't agree with me and i ended up quite sick. After i stopped taking all medication on day 4 i started to feel alot better and could cook and look after the kids again but I'm still not allowed to pick the kids up my surgeon said definitely not until the 2 week mark so for me that has been the hardest part but i just change nappies on the ground and sit on the floor or lounge for cuddles. As for washing there is no way i can lift my arms above my head so i just use an air dryer for now. Hope this helps.
  9. So day 3 today so far day 2 was the worst i was feeling very very sick yesterday but don't feel to bad today. I am happy with size everything just feels a little strange got to get used to having boobs now.
  10. Everything went well i was at hospital at 7am and went into surgery at 9am got back home by 3. Right now i feel like i have major pressure on my chest makes my breathing feel a little constricted which I'm hating but other than that just have that full of milk feeling i got when i breastfed my babies. Will get some pictures tomorrow but at the moment am very happy with size.
  11. Thanks everyone I'm super excited just about to go to bed and try to sleep.
  12. All ready for the big day tomorrow I'm an A cup and getting 420 hp unders. Have to be at the hospital by 7am I'm so happy its going to be nice and early. EXCITED!!!
  13. Hi KymmieP glad everything is going great for you. I'm booked in with Dr Lim on the 30th December I'm counting down and can't wait. Keep us updated with your progress.
  14. 12 days to go i think I'm a little nervous and excited now but definitely can't wait.?
  15. I also have 2 kids living in sydney and have booked my ba in with Dr Lim in Castle hill his prices are very reasonable for a plastic surgeon I'm paying around $7000.
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