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    Dr Phil Richardson, 19/12/15
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  1. I have plantar fasciitis. I have orthotics that were custom made to my feet that I have to wear constantly. It’s extremely painful
  2. I have a couple of lumps since my implants and after an ultrasound it turned out to be cysts. Best to get checked out xo
  3. My PS recommended every 2 years having a ultrasound or MRI. I have had a few ultrasounds, one instead of a mammogram and 2 to check in my implants. The last ultrasound I had the doctor at the breast clinic suggested a MRI instead of an ultrasound, it’s really expensive though.
  4. TBI doesn't exist anymore. Dr Richardson was one of the directors/ surgeons together with Dr Broadhurst. You can only go to their private practices now
  5. I handed mine down to my 14 year old daughter
  6. Glad to hear you are feeling much better today and are happy with your decision to wait before re-augmenting. I am looking forward to your pics. All the best with your recovery
  7. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery xo
  8. I still wear a crop to bed, I'm nearly 2 years po. Just heaps more comfy for me.
  9. All the best for your surgery and hope you have a speedy recovery
  10. I'm 45, had my BA 3 months ago. Loving them and my new confidence
  11. I think they look perfect for your body. We had surgery on the same day and had a chat in recovery. I have had a horribe recovery like you with a bad reaction to pain killers, so have only had panadol also. I hate my boobs at the moment can't wait for some changes to happen. Oh and the bloating is horrible too. Looking forward to feeling normal again.
  12. Had a fantastic experience. Dr Phil and everyone at north lakes were excellent. So happy. Pain is good just tightness, but I'm sure thatt will change soon
  13. Just got the call too from the hospital, have to be there at 12 for 12.30 op, but tbi told me to be there at 11.30. So excited for tomorrow. Good luck to all the other ladies tomorrow.
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