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  1. Hi girls, I did a review for Dr Tavakoli and my experience:

    My surgery date was 09.12.2015 and from consultation to recovery, the experience has been so amazing.
    I travelled from interstate and arrived home 6 days later and back to work.
    Dr Tavakoli, his staff, anaesthetist Dr Kevin Lee, and staff at East Sydney private hospital were very informative, relaxed and I am just thrilled with the results.
    Even showing my breasts to my nurse friend she was so impressed with the incision marks. I'm ecstatic with my results and ultimately let Dr T decide which size to use. 380cc dual plane high profile.
    I cannot recommend Dr Tavakoli enough. Even though I'm only a little week post op, I feel so good and my breasts are getting softer. I use strataderm recovery gel every day for scarring for 3 x months and am liaising via email with his nurse, Jessica. 
    I didn't have to wear a post-operative bra but just wearing a compression belt for 11 hours a day for now. I'll be in a bra within 3 weeks :)
    I've had so many compliments and the size is perfect for my body shape. 

    I want to thank Dr Tavakoli again for making me such a happy and more confident woman. He's just incredibly talented! 



  2. good luck today!!! I got 380cc dual plane high profile. It's been the best possible experience you can imagine!!' 😄
  3. Yes! My surgery is next Wednesday When is yours? I'm travelling from Adelaide and meeting him for the first time on Tuesday
  4. that's so relieving to hear! And I agree, there's certain exercises I'm happy never to do again
  5. Sounds like its the best option! I might just concentrate on working the bottom half of my body post surgery for a while. It'd be good to have a trainer who has had a BA to show us how to exercise properly!
  6. I am having a phone consultation a week before surgery, then in person the day before. The only reason being I can't afford to fly back and forth I'm just going with my gut instinct that this will be totally fine I'm planning to bring a LOT of books to read plus my friend is nursing me so we can veg and watch TV. I'm going to stock up the day before with food so I don't have to venture out. I'll suffer cabin fever lol but I really don't want to risk anything!
  7. glad to hear!! Everyone's journey is so different. I had rhinoplasty a year ago and it was such a great recovery, but heard horror stories too. It's good to have a forum to come and vent to with girls who've had similar experiences
  8. have you gone back to exercising? I know I'm going to be so cautious!! can I ask what type of exercises caused the pain? Hope you're feeling better
  9. she's been in and out of hospital too with it so definitely going to listen to my surgeon!! I can't afford to fly to Sydney all the time!
  10. my cousin went back after 10 days just to light duties and popped all her internal stitches - and popped out through her chest. it wrecked the scar and she nearly needed to have surgery again!
  11. thanks girls! Sorry I don't know how to respond to individual comments yet. I agree - listen to the body! My cousin caused a lot of damage by returning to the gym too soon, so I will definitely take it easy. I won't be getting huge implants either, so hopefully I can resume my running like normal
  12. How was your fitness after 6 weeks?? I am scared i'll only be able to do half of what I am doing now! Did it feel different running? More heavier?
  13. Hi all, I'm assuming different surgeons give different advice to when to start exercising after BA. My surgery is booked for December 9. I LOVE exercising - it's my stress reliever! I exercise 5 days a week - mostly cardio (running 7kms) and a couple of weight training classes for toning. I guess my question is how long have you waiting before hitting the gym again? I'm happy never to do push ups again but i really don't want to rule out running or squats. What are your experiences with exercise after BA? I'm scared i won't be able to run like i used to! But it's the risk i'm definitely going to take!!
  14. Hi! I'm from Adelaide but have put my deposit down for BA in December! I haven't even had my skype consultation yet but after vigorously searching forums, I've decided to put my faith in him!! I am 55-56 kilos, 5"8, and a small B. I'm hoping to get tear drop, behind the muscle full C cup/small D. The only thing i'm scared about is exercising as I go 5 days a week What hospital are you going to? I've been booked into the East Sydney Private Health. Looking forward to your updates!!
  15. Thank you! I'll search her. I'm struggling to navigate this site lol so hopefully I'll find it!
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